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Chromebook Tablet computers (“tablets”) can be smaller or a similar size as laptop (or notebook) computers. They’re typically controlled by their touchscreens, though small keyboards can be added. Allow us to explain what makes our Chromebook tablets unique.

About CTL Chromebook Tablets

Most tablets use operating systems specially adapted for phones and tablets (Android and IOS, for example). The OS issue isn’t a concern for Chromebooks and Chromebook tablets, though. A significant benefit of the Chromebook tablet is that it uses the Chrome OS like all other Chromebook devices.

This eliminates any compatibility concerns when using more than one type of Chromebook computer (perhaps one at home and one on the office). Among the Chromebook tablets we offer, some are convertible models. These fold and unfold to switch from Chromebook laptops into full-functioning Chromebook tablets. We offer these models as part of our Chromebook laptop line.

We have a more conventional Chromebook Tablet available: our popular Tx1. There’s an optional Chromebook keyboard to go with it. Because our Google Chromebook Tablets run Chrome OS, they can be managed by organizations through the Google Admin Console. Chrome devices can also run Android apps from the Google Play Store.