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Speed, mobility, and security for medical professionals.

CTL understands that medical professionals have high standards when it comes to their mobile computing devices.  Made for G Suite collaboration software for healthcare, we offer ruggedized Chromebooks that give healthcare providers a new level of quality, efficiency, and security. Lightweight, durable, and ultra-mobile, they’re ideal for the fast-paced medical environment. Data entry, information, and time-sensitive communications are all literally at your fingertips! In addition, our high resolution HD monitors offer the most crisp, clear views for any type of digital imaging. CTL provides innovative solutions to keep the flow of vital information easily accessible, transferrable, and above all, secure. Access to information empowers both the healthcare provider and the patient! Below are just a few of the benefits and applications of CTL products for medical professionals:
  • Electronic medical records can be transferred more securely and quickly than ever
  • 24/7 access to data with anytime, anywhere wireless capabilities
  • Streamlined prescription process with e-prescriptions
  • Better communication with patients and between medical professionals by being accessible online
To read more about the features and benefits of CTL's ruggedized Chromebooks for healthcare, specific to the healthcare industry, check out this blog post.