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  CTL is dedicated to smart growth which does not outpace our ability to outperform our competitors in both customer service and product innovation. CTL has been listed as one of Portland Business Journal’s top 100 Fastest Growing Companies and one of  CRN’s top 500 Solution Providers. With offices across the US and abroad in Spain and Germany, CTL provides their customers with tailored tech solutions and impeccable customer service. CTL has built invaluable partnerships in the education sector with our cutting edge extra rugged Chromebooks, Google for Education Premier Partnership, and 1:1 Initiatives. CTL’s Chromebooks have been called the best Chromebook for education from PC Magazine. As the need for technology in the classroom increases yearly and student equity becomes a forefront issue for school districts, CTL has increased our focus on fulfilling  this need for sustainable and affordable ed-tech solutions. From Chromebook bundles to self-repair for IT departments, CTL has covered the bases to remain integral in the education sector for ed-tech. As a part of these efforts and the efforts to continue serving the business and healthcare sector, there has never been a better time to open a dialogue with CTL on opportunities for investment.