Pocket Lab Voyager

Attach this rugged multi-sensor to almost anything and see what happens. Voyager combines eight popular science sensors into a single, portable device to create a science lab that fits in your hand. It’s the most versatile multi-sensor on the market. 

  • Measure almost anything, including motion, altitude, light, magnetic fields and more. 
  • Get more done in less time with our no-prep lab solution that combines the Voyager sensor with a digital lab Notebook (available free) or Notebook Pro (subscription), and a built-in library of lesson plans.
  • Adapt to any classroom – in-person, hybrid, or remote. Our tools are always designed to be portable, wireless, and remote-ready.


  • PocketLab Voyager sensor
  • Protective carrying case
  • Temperature Probe
  • Micro USB charging cable

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Pocket Lab Voyager

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