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Renewed CTL NL61T Ruggedized Chromebook for Education with IPS Touchscreen

$49.00 $299.00 saving $250.00
Renewed CTL NL61T Ruggedized Chromebook for Education with IPS Touchscreen

Renewed CTL NL61T Ruggedized Chromebook for Education with IPS Touchscreen

$49.00 $299.00 saving $250.00

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This is a Renewed Product and ships with a 30 day warranty. Tested and cleaned to work like new.

The CTL® NL61T Education Chromebook, with IPS Touchscreen, features the Powerful Intel® Celeron® Processor N3160 (2.24 GHz 2MB Cache), 4GB DDRL 1600 RAM, 32GB eMMC internal storage, 11.6” HD Panel, and up to 12.5 hours of battery life.


The CTL NL61T takes our famous NL6 series of education Chromebooks and adds an IPS Touchscreen, adding even more functionality to an already great Chromebook. The NL61T features a rugged design that is water-resistant and drop tested to 70 cm and adds peel-resistant keys, a carry handle, a 180-degree hinge, and a rotating world-view camera.


Education Specific Features

  • 180 degree rotating camera with an optional microscope lens allows students to record science experiments or capture video.
  • Teachers and students can work without a power cord - up to 12.5 hours of battery life.
  • IT departments save time and money with the serviceable battery.
  • The white cover is smudge-resistant and easy to personalize with a school logo. Easy to clean.
  • 10 point capacitive IPS Touchscreen HD display

    Student Friendly Features

    • Stronger, thicker rear cover
    • Water-resistant keyboard
    • 180-degree hinge
    • Drop-resistant design
    • Spill and dust resistant
    • Anti-peel keys
    • Reinforced ports, hinges and power plug
    • 10-Point Capacitive IPS Touch Screen 11.6” HD Panel
    • Retractable carry handle - hangs in a locker! Non-slip texture
    • Up to 12.5 hours of battery life


    The CTL® Education Chromebook* is hassle-free right out of the box—teachers and students can get up and running quickly. They get their own personalized apps, settings, and bookmarks when they log-in. It works with Chromecast*1 so teachers can stream media from their Chromebook to a TV for the whole class to see.

    Built-in Applications

    The Google Apps* suite gives students the tools to create and collaborate virtually on presentations, reports, and spreadsheets. Students can access and share their work anywhere via Google Drive* and it’s always backed up. Teachers can easily monitor student progress and streamline communications.

    Unique Features that Promote Learning

    The rotatable camera supports scientific inquiry activities along with giving students flexibility in how they capture images and videos. A student can rotate the camera away to record a science experiment or capture video of other students doing a skit or presenting a report. A student can rotate the camera up to closely examine a leaf. The integrated microphone also rotates with the camera to better capture sound.

    The optional snap-on lens attaches to the rotatable camera to provide 30x magnification—enough to clearly see the color of a fruit fly’s eye or the crystal structure on raw sugar.

    The retractable handle makes the device easy to carry and less likely to be dropped. A student can also “hook” the device onto their cubby or locker. The anti-glare screen produces less reflection under florescent lights and near classroom windows, reducing student eyestrain.

    Fast, Smooth Performance

    The CTL Education Chromebook delivers fast, smooth performance—which means more time for teaching and learning. Students can load content-rich webpages quickly, watch videos with brilliant playback, run graphic-intensive scientific simulations, and multitask effortlessly. All-Day Battery Life for All-Day Learning With up to 14 hours of battery life, which allows teachers and students can work where they need to without a power cord.

    In addition to being an affordable device to purchase, the CTL Education Chromebook can dramatically reduce deployment, management, security, and maintenance costs.

    • 11.6” (1366 x 768) LCD panel
    • 10 point capacitive touch screen IPS display
    • Intel® Braswell N3160 (Quad Core - No Fan)
    • 32GB eMMC storage
    • 4GB DDRL 1600 RAM
    • Drop tested to 70 cm
    • Reinforced ports, hinges, and power plug
    • The shock-absorbent frame around screen, sides, and corners
    • Anti-peel keys
    • Water-resistant keyboard
    • Retractable carry handle
    • 180-degree hinge to open flat
    • 1.0 MP 720P HD rotatable camera
    • Up to14 hours battery life
    • Chrome OS
    • 90 day parts and labor warranty
    • AUE June 2022
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