• CTL's 2goPC products, like the new NL4 Convertible Tablet shown here, are key players in 1:1 e-learning. Learn more about how we're ready to revolutionize classrooms as part of the Multi-State Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI).

  • ACER C710

    Up to 8.5 hours battery life. Simple, fast, secure and priced under $300

  • Intel® Reader
    Experience the freedom of the Intel® Reader, the mobile device that images printed text and reads it aloud. The Intel® Reader includes a FREE portable capture station ($199 value).

  • Hardware

    CTL makes it easy to customize. Choose from a wide selection of hard drives, video cards, processors, motherboards and much more!

  • Supplier Direct Shop our Supplier Direct page for literally thousands of products including electronics, games, software, batteries, cell phones, and much much more!

  • All-in-One PCs from CTL with Dragon Assistant provide a more immersive experience.
    More performance. More ease. More you.

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