Refurbished Chromebook Laptops

Give tech a second life. Save money. Go green.
All with CTL's refurbished Chromebooks.

Unlock Savings, Unleash Performance

Gain access to advanced technology at a reduced price when you consider refurbished Chromebooks and other computing equipment from CTL. CTL refurbished Chromebooks are appropriate for education, government, and enterprise use.

With over a decade of expertise in Chromebook manufacturing and servicing, CTL is your partner for meticulously refurbished Chromebooks that deliver a like-new experience. It's a win-win for your budget and the environment.

Buying refurbished Chromebooks from CTL ensures you receive OEM-quality refurbishment without the third-party markup price.

CTL's refurbished Chromebooks come from customer trade-ins. CTL offers most of its refurbished Chromebooks in bundles of 15 with education and government discounts available.

What's Included?

Refurbished Chromebooks

Certified Refurbished

  • Typically pre-owned, newer devices with years of Google ChromeOS support remaining (AU)
  • 1-year warranty and free shipping included
  • Backed by CTL
  • Google licensing add-on, discounted
  • Typically sold in 15-packs


  • Typically pre-owned, previous generations of devices, which may be beyond the Google support period (AU) 
  • 90-day warranty and free shipping included
  • May or may not be backed by the actual manufacturer
  • Google licensing add-on, discounted
  • Typically sold singly or in 15-packs

The Chromebook Refurbishment Process

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Why Buy Refurbished Chromebooks?

Buying refurbished Chromebooks offers a host of advantages:

  • Extend the lifecycle of Chromebooks - Google automatic updates keep Chromebooks relevant longer
  • Reduce your costs - and get a great deal on powerful computers
  • Make an eco-friendly choice - and minimize your environmental impact.

Refurbished Chromebooks:

What to Look For

It matters where you buy your refurbished Chromebooks. We suggest you consider the following in your evaluation:

1. Who is the refurbisher? Is it the original manufacturer or a third party? Ensure you are confident with your vendor's expertise.

2. Is there a warranty included? Consider what level of protection you think you'll need.

3. What is the service plan? Does your vendor provide OEM-quality servicing direct? Or will you rely on a 3rd party, where markups can be steep and turnaround times delayed. Consider this as part of your TCO calculation.