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CTL in Ed-Tech Solutions

CTL started its venture into Education over a decade ago with it’s 2goPC Windows tablets. Since these early days, CTL has become a leader in Ed-Tech solutions with a firm grounding in ruggedized Chromebooks for Education and line of rugged convertible Microsoft devices. As Chromebook dominates the ed-tech sector with specialized apps and tools for learning and classroom management, CTL has held steadfast in staying ahead of the curve with our own line specialty Chromebooks for education. CTL now carries 10 different types of Chromebooks for education based on the need of the school, student, or classroom. As technology becomes a necessity in the classroom, CTL has become a leading proponent for 1:1 initiatives, ensuring that all students have access to the technology they need to succeed in school. CTL has helped school districts around the United States successfully deploy Chromebooks into their classrooms and curriculum.  

CTL Chromebooks for Education

Our Chromebooks for education are designed with use in schools in mind. From the X-Panel added on, which holds up to 365 lbs of weight without breaking, to the spill proof keyboard and mouse which tracks liquid off and away from the important internal hardware, our Chromebooks can stand up to the daily rigors of student-life. Each of our Chromebooks for education also withstands a full day at school with 10+ hours of battery life. We stand by our Chromebooks as a top solution to tech in the classroom.  

Professional development for educators:

Our work in education expands beyond our customer base to bring educators the latest information and tips for classroom management and learning tools in our monthly webinars. These free webinars are hosted by some of the best leaders in Google for Education and innovative apps for education. You can view all of our recorded past webinars and find a list of upcoming webinars at [WEBINAR LINK]  

CTL Wants 1:1 for Everyone

CTL is also passionate about ensuring equal access to technology to students, supporting 1:1 initiatives and creating the CTL Rocks 1:1 grant. This grant is available to schools or districts with 60% or more of their student population on free or reduced lunch programs. A comprehensive 1:1 take-home solution, this grant supplies Chromebooks, carrying cases, program assessment, and powerful learning apps and tools, with CIPA compliant internet security and web filtering tools to keep students safe and on task.

Computing solutions for the Public Sector

CTL has a variety of contract purchasing vehicles available for government and education accounts. If you have a government account, please see the links at the bottom of this page to access the purchasing site for your contract. We understands that the responsibilities and accountability unique to government agencies requires computers and IT solutions that streamline processes, eliminate inefficiencies, and offer a high level of reliability and security. In addition, we know governments are under more pressure than ever to make the most out of their budgets while being expected to increase performance. Outdated machines and systems can jeopardize both security and productivity.
  • Ruggedized mobile computing that saves money in damaged machines
  • Telecommuting, which has a lower cost and higher productivity, made easier with ultra-mobile devices
  • Faster criminal convictions with streamlined evidence processing
  • More secure digital records
  • More online capabilities and access leading to improved communications with constituents

We Know Public Sector Purchasing

CTL holds and has held a number of Public Sector computer hardware contracts that give us a wealth of experience. Some of these contracts include:
  • NASPO ValuePoint Computer Equipment (formerly WSCA) Agreement # MNWNC-106  
    • Multi-State Contract for public sector purchasing. Available for use by qualified agencies in participating states and territories. Learn more at: http://naspovaluepoint.ctl.net
  • NASPO Learning Technology Initiative Contract from the Lead State of Maine MLTI #MA-18P-13030100000000000236
    • Available for use by participating states
  • NASPO ValuePoint Learning Technology Initiative Contract #3208 with the State of Nevada for Nevada Ready’s 1:1 Mobile Device Program
    • Used by the Nevada Department of Education and participating Districts and Schools throughout the State of Nevada
  • State of Hawaii Devices for Future Ready Fast Track Certified Schools - Vendor List No. E16-09 (Statewide)
    • Available for use by qualified schools throughout the State of Hawaii
  • TIPS/TAPS Contract #180306
    • Available to eligible entities in all 50 US states
  • Organization for Educational Technology Curriculum (OETC) Contract #OETC-15R-ComputersServers
    • Available to member accounts in Alaska, California, Florida, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming. www.oetc.org
  • DigitalEdge Contract #ESD112-DE-15A and #ESD112-DE-16A
    • Available to eligible entities in Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming
  • Central Washington University Contract #8499
    • Desktop PC configuration available to Washington State WIPHE members
  • Oregon State University Contract # 163362
    • Available for use by Education and & Government entities in Oregon and Washington States
NASPO ValuePoint Computer Equipment #MNWNC-106 and PAs with 13 states
  • Alaska PA# 2015PC0006
  • Arizona PA# ADSPO15-093838
  • Florida PA #43211500-WSCA-15-ACS
  • Hawaii PA # 15-05
  • Montana PA# MNWNC-106
  • Minnesota PA# 100011
  • Missouri #MNWNC-101
  • Nebraska PA#14250 OC
  • Nevada PA#8346  
  • New Jersey PA #89971
  • New Mexico #60-000-15-00008AF
  • Utah PA #PA2215
  • Washington #5815-002