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Logitech Small Room Solution for Google Meet
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Logitech Medium Room Solution for Google Meet
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Logitech Large Room Solution for Google Meet
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Information to Consider When Shopping For Google Meet Logitech Video Conferencing

Logitech Room Solutions for Google Meet

Logitech Room Solutions for Google Meet are video conferencing kits designed to optimize the video conferencing experience for businesses. As more and more businesses use Google Meet to facilitate cross-team communication, the CTL Meet Compute System is an integral part of the Logitech Room Solutions for Google Meet kit, providing users with a high-quality video conferencing experience.

What is Google Meet?

Google Meet is a video communication service that enables individuals to virtually meet with coworkers and customers. In the online world, video conferencing systems like Logitech Room Solutions for Google Meet have become deeply embedded into corporate communication strategies across the globe. CTL offers hardware solutions like the CTL Meet Compute System to make Google Meet even more convenient and functional for users.

Does Logitech work with Google Meet?

Yes, Logitech products are compatible with Google Meet. Logitech’s innovative technological solutions allow companies to create truly rich experiences for workers who are meeting with clients and colleagues via Google Meet. The brand’s high-quality cameras and touch controllers take video conferencing to the next level.

What Google Meet kits does Logitech offer?

Logitech offers three primary Google Meet kits, designed for small rooms, medium rooms, and large rooms. Below, we go into more detail about what each kit entails.
  • Small rooms: An economy-sized kit that’s designed to accommodate small conference rooms.
  • Medium rooms: This versatile kit comes with an ultra-HD camera and a modular audio system that can outfit a variety of medium-sized rooms.
  • Large rooms: Designed to reach everyone in a large conference room, this kit comes with dual mic pods that can expand coverage for up to 16 people, in addition to up to seven mic pods for rooms containing 46 seats.

What’s included in each Google Meet kit?

CTL offers Google Meet kits that are outfitted with all of the essentials you need to create a high-quality video conferencing experience. In each kit, you will find:
  • A Logitech conference camera
  • A Logitech Tap Touch controller
  • A speaker/microphone solution
  • A powerful pre-configured CTL Meet Compute Chromebox
At CTL, we have everything you need to optimize video conferencing in the modern-day business space. From Chromebox home video conferencing kits to Chromebook accessories , we have technology that facilitates excellent communication.