Enabling Learning Equity for Home-Insecure Students with LTE-enabled Chromebooks

Enabling Learning Equity for Home-Insecure Students with LTE-enabled Chromebooks

In partnership with the Murray City School District, CTL provided Chromebooks provisioned with 48 CBRS private LTE connectivity and device charging solutions to provide learning equity to home-insecure students.
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Homelessness is on the rise among student populations, and Murray City School District in Utah is no exception. Before and during the pandemic, the district invested in 1:1 Chromebook devices for students. Moving to a digital-enabled learning structure presented some challenges for financially insecure families. They may be unable to afford internet at home, and in some cases, students might stay with friends, or grandparents, in a shelter, or in other temporary housing situations. Additionally, electricity for charging devices might not be available.

Jason Eyre, the IT Director for the Murray City School District, faced the challenge: how could his team ensure all students could connect to the internet and, for those who might be mobile, keep the devices charged to maintain student productivity? And finally, how could the district maintain the confidentiality of a student’s home situation?

The solution involved a symphony of elements to create a harmonious connectivity solution:

  • Obtaining funding for a private network
  • LTE-enabled Chromebooks from CTL
  • Creating a charging solution


“The biggest hurdle was finding a vendor who would field the technology. We were looking for a single LTE-enabled computing device to ensure we don’t have to manage separate devices like MiFi. CTL was the solution we found after looking and working for years on this. Persistence paid off.”

-- Jason Eyre, IT Director, Murray City Schools



Continue on to learn the details on how Murray City Schools created an innovative solution to solve these challenges. 

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