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Helping schools meet today's educational challenges.

Nationwide, schools are using one-to-one initiatives to put computers into the hands of every student, and for good reason. The cost of printing textbooks continues to rise, while school budgets tighten. With each textbook costing an average of $100 or more, the ability to download e-books can save enough money for the student’s computing device to pay for itself. CTL understands what it takes to incorporate digital learning into the classroom, and there are a lot of benefits to both educators and students, including:

  • Greater access to online information
  • Using online networking for student-to-student and student-teacher collaboration
  • Students more engaged with interactive software
  • Teachers able to better assess learning style and personalize lesson plans
  • Budget-friendly e-books cuts costs with the price of textbooks on the rise

As schools strive for one-to-one computing and make the transition to a digital learning environment, ed-tech leaders are wisely using their technology budgets to purchase tablets or netbooks to equip teachers and students. Below is a listing of our educational contracts:

Oregon State University Contract # CF14-98EF
Education and & Government entities in Oregon and Washington States

Organization for Educational Technology Curriculum (OETC)
Available to member accounts in Alaska, California, Florida, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming.

Washington Learning Source (WLS)
Price agreement on netbooks for WLS member accounts.

Central Washington University Contract #8499
Desktop PC configuration available to WIPHE members, Washington State Public Sector

To read more about the features and benefits of CTL's 2go PC tablets and netbooks specific to education, check out some of our blog posts at 2go PC.


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