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CTL NL72 Series Chromebooks: Powerered by Intel® Processors

CTL NL72 Chromebooks are equipped with 11th generation Intel® processors that provide faster response times, better graphics, and superior performance.

CTL Chromebook Tablet

Chromebooks and Tablets

Our top-rated Google Chromebooks for Education and Enterprise are fast, easy to deploy, easy to manage, and easy to use.

CTL LTE Chromebook with LTE logo

LTE Chromebooks

Stay connected with our purpose-built public and private (Band 48/CBRS) LTE enabled Chromebook laptops.

CTL Chromebook in an office setting

Enterprise ChromeOS Devices

CTL Chromebooks and Chromeboxes for Enterprise enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your teams.

CTL Chromebox


CTL Chromeboxes are used for digital signs, kiosks, industrial applications, and as desktop PC replacements.

ChromeOS All-in-Ones

Space-saving CTL ChromeOS All-in-One computers combine the power of Google Chrome with a simple all-in-one interface.

CTL Genuine Chromebook Parts

We make it easy for customers to service and support their Chromebook fleets with CTL genuine Chromebook parts.

Chromebook Accessories

Connect better and faster, compute easier, and protect your device with CTL Chromebook accessories and peripherals.

Computer Monitors

Choose from LCD, LED and ADS models, 22" to 27" screens, and both FHD and QHD displays.

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The CTL Advantage

The CTL Advantage CTL delivers on that promise by being more. Each of our products, solutions, and support layers share a commitment to our five key drivers.