What to Know about Intel® Jasper Lake processors

What to Know about Intel® Jasper Lake processors

There are a number of new changes brought with Intel Jasper Lake processors that enable educators, students, and business people to do more with their Chromebooks.

A new feature with Jasper Lake processors is Intel’s Image Processing Unit or IPU. This feature paired with a MIPI interface provides faster computing for video calls and similar techniques, like blurred backgrounds. Coupled with Wi-Fi 6 support (via additional RF), the goal is to offer a machine that can perform an education-type workload, which is exceedingly popular for Chromebooks.

These new devices will follow the same framework as Atom-based Pentium and Celeron processors. Intel has made the low-power, low-cost Jasper Lake chips for inexpensive laptops, tablets, and mini PCs. They offer Quad-Core and Dual-Core variants, and six types of processors total - three each for 10W and 6W levels.

Intel states that customers can see a greater boost in speed over Gemini Lake processors. As a Chromebook customer, you can expect great results over older processors.

The Intel® Jasper Lake setup in Chromebooks is faster and more efficient with a more powerful GPU. When looking for an affordable, mobile computer, these Jasper Lake-backed Chromebooks are an excellent option. The increased speed makes machines that often cost less than $300 offer excellent performance.

Suppose you’re looking for a Chromebook set for a school or as an individual user. In that case, these processors make the best choice when you want fast computing, particularly when video calls are a regular part of your use. With distance and online education still very popular due to the current state of the world, IntelⓇ Jasper Lake-powered Chromebooks can be the strongest choice.