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CTL Google Chromebooks


Google Chromebooks are fast, easy to deploy, easy to manage, and easy to use. CTL's top rated rugged Chromebooks, Chromebooks for Education, and Chromebooks for Enterprise have innovative features and best-in-class performance.

Why Google Chromebooks?

Versatility and performance go hand in hand when you're utilizing a Google Chromebook from CTL. Whether you're working, playing, or anything in between, the portable power from these game-changing Chromebooks might surprise you. With technology that meets the demands of the modern workplace and innovation that continually evolves as your world grows and changes, there's simply no better option for productivity and collaboration. With Google Apps integration and the ability to tap into the latest apps from the Google Play store, students and employees can confidently realize their potential by using the consistent, and every-growing, capabilities of the Google Chromebook.

Chromebooks for Education

Stay in touch, in reach, and in control of your education with the speed and versatility of the Google Chromebook. By utilizing the latest in computer technologies, the simplicity and reliability of these portable devices will ensure that students can capitalize on ongoing education. Through virtual video calls, intensive research sessions, or online learning resources, Chromebooks are a powerful tool that can be used to get the most out of classroom or distance education. Portable without compromising power, students can learn on the go as they explore uncharted territories on their academic adventures with the assistance of the Chromebook.

Rugged Chromebooks

Strong on the inside doesn't mean weak on the outside when describing a CTL Chromebook. Rugged, versatile, and capable of all-day performance, these highly portable, highly damage-resistant workhorses can help a user collaborate and be productive from the beginning to the end of the day - no matter where that may take them. Rugged covers and drop-resistant technology are built into these machines to ensure that no matter what happens, their Chromebook will get them through your day with style and ease.

Chromebook Tablets

No longer a simple accessory to a primary computer, Chromebook Tablets are powerful devices that can fully function as independent productivity systems. With intuitive touch-screen controls that fully integrate with stylus accessories and adventurous lifestyles, your portable office just got a lot more mobile. Secure and straightforward for students yet robust and limitless for office professionals, Chromebook Tablets bring the best of both worlds to enable collaboration and on-the-go productivity.

Chromebook Computers

Built for easy collaboration and productivity on the busiest of days, Chromebook Computers offer reliable performance alongside a time-tested user interface. Built with tight integration with Google's G-Suite, these dedicated machines are designed to help users to stay connected and to get their work done easily. Durable, simple, and efficient, instant access to a vast array of knowledge and collaboration is right at your fingertips with a Chromebook Computer.