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Best Chromebox and Chromeboxes

The CTL Google Chromebox line combines the best value, performance, and service in the industry. CTL Chromebox models include Intel Celeron based and powerful Intel Core-i7 based models. Our customers use Chromeboxes for Digital Signs, Kiosks, industrial applications, and desktop PC replacements for call centers, computer labs, and knowledge workers.


The CTL Chromebox Portable and Versatile

About Chromeboxes

Chromeboxes are small form-factor (SFF or “mini”) PCs that run the Chrome OS. This type of PC has a smaller desktop footprint than others. They’re meant for routine tasks like word processing, web browsing, and video streaming.

Most Chromeboxes are 6” x 6” x 2” or less in size. They typically are used in the classroom (or other places) to stream video or for digital signage such as that used in trade show displays and to promote events.

We sell our Chromeboxes with the option to bundle them with output devices (screens or touchscreens) and input devices (keyboards or touchscreens). You can use the USB-C™ port to charge your CTL Chromebox and accessories. You can also have up to two compatible 4K displays for large-screens by using the HDMI and USB C ports.