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CTL Chromebook NL72T

4GB RAM, 64GB Storage, 360 Degree Convertible, Touchscreen, Wi-Fi 6

Sale price $339.00 Regular price$424.00
CTL Chromebook NL72TW

8GB RAM, 64GB Storage, 360 Degree Convertible, Touchscreen, QC N5100

Sale price $379.00 Regular price$474.00
CTL Chromebook NL71TWB Convertible Chromebook

8GB Ram, 64GB Storage, Quad Core N4120 CPU, EMR Touch Pen

Sale price $299.00 Regular price$374.00

CTL Touchscreen Chromebooks | Interactive Learning and Collaboration with Unmatched Value

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Information to Consider When Shopping For CTL Touchscreen Chromebooks | Interactive Learning and Collaboration with Unmatched Value

Chromebook Tablets

CTL Chromebook tablets allow you to work whenever and wherever, thanks to the robust capabilities of Chrome OS. With Google’s OS, you’ll be able to run Google Admin Console and apps from the Google Play Store. From convertible Chromebooks that turn into full-functioning tablets to conventional Chromebook tablets, there’s something for everyone at CTL.

Is a Chromebook a tablet?

Not all Chromebook laptops will be tablets. Depending on the model, Chromebooks can be transformed into a Google Chrome tablet by simply flipping them open over the hinge. This will allow you to handwrite and draw right on the screen with a stylus or finger.

Keep in mind that Chromebooks without this 360-degree feature will not be able to turn into a tablet.

Can a Chromebook tablet replace a laptop?

While some tablet models may not be able to replace the robust functionality that laptops offer, Chromebook tablets come close—despite being somewhat smaller than traditional laptops. This is because Chrome OS tablets run on Google’s Chrome OS, allowing you to work and play just like you would on any other Chrome device. Most tablets use operating systems specially adapted for phones and tablets, which don’t provide a consistent experience across all devices.

Google Chromebook tablets also have optional Chromebook parts, such as keyboards. This way, you can remove the keyboard whenever you want to write or draw by hand. You can also add the keyboard back for when you’re working at your desk and need to type up some emails or an essay, for example.

If you’re looking for a powerful tablet that can provide you with everything you need for work, school, and fun, browse our collection of Chromebook tablet laptops.

Is a Chromebook worth buying?

Not sure if a Google Chrome tablet is the right product for you? We’ve listed a few benefits below to help you decide.

Versatile: You can add or remove a keyboard and write with a stylus or type, allowing you to work on the Google Chrome tablet any way you want. Affordable: Chromebook tablet laptops feature the best of both worlds without breaking the bank.

CTL Chromebook tablets can cost anywhere between $309 to $409. Plus, Chromebook accessories for tablets are also affordable. Lightweight: Chromebook tablets are lightweight, which is great if you’re always on the move—whether you’re traveling by plane, on a long road trip, or stuck on campus for hours. If you don’t want to pay full price for a Chromebook tablet, check out our assortment of refurbished products. Our renewed Chromebooks are top-quality, so you can rest easy knowing you’re receiving the best of the best at the lowest prices.