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Chrome AIO computers combine the power of Google Chrome with a simple all-in-one interface. CTL offers an affordable and simple solution for customers looking for a Google Chrome AIO. CTL Chrome AIO computers consist of a CTL Chromebox factory mounted onto the back of a CTL LCD monitor. CTL Chrome AIOs are a simple, space-saving solution for work or play. 


Chrome All In One Computers

All-In-One Chrome Computers

Chrome All-In-One (AIO) solutions combine the power of Google’s suite of applications into one simple, easy-to-use interface. CTL offers an affordable and space-saving solution for customers looking for a Google Chrome AiO, featuring everything you need for school, work, and play.

What is an All-in-One Chrome computer?

Instead of a bulky PC tower taking up space on your desk, all-in-one Chrome desktop computers allow you to surf the web, download files, write emails, and so on in a more minimalistic and compact format. This is often done by mounting a small and powerful Chromebox behind a Chromebook external monitor or computer monitor

You can shop top-quality all-in-one computer setups at CTL. We offer a wide range of AiO Chrome computers that are inexpensive and robust, offering you the necessary technology to work and play without lag.

What components make up the Google Chrome All-in-One system?

At CTL, Chrome OS All-in-One desktops consist of a CTL Chromebox mounted onto the back of a CTL LCD monitor. Let’s explore these two components in more detail below.

  • Chromebox—Chromeboxes are essentially mini-computers that are 6” x 6” x 2” or less, making them easy to hide behind a monitor. Chromeboxes will also include powerful processors, such as the Intel Core-i7 or Intel Celeron. 
  • LCD monitor—Our selection of high-quality LCD displays ranges from 22" to 32”. Features can include touch screen functionality and 4K resolution. 

CTL’s all-in-one Google Chrome computers are a simple, space-saving solution for work, play, school, and so much more.

Are Chrome All-in-One computers worth it?

Wondering if Chrome All-In-One PCs are worth it? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. Chrome AIOs are great if you need to free up some space on your desk but don’t want to give up the robust capabilities that PCs provide. Plus, you can transport them from one place to another easily because they’re lightweight and compact. 

CTL AIO computers are also very affordable; you can expect to pay around $429 to $1,000+ for one, depending on the specific display model, Chromebox specs, and extra features. All-In-One Chrome computers are even compatible with a variety of Chromebook accessories, including keyboards, mice, and pen tablets, so you don’t have to purchase brand-new items when upgrading your setup. 

If price is a concern for you, we offer several refurbished products that can help you work better and faster at a more affordable cost. At CTL, you’ll be able to find the right Chrome product for your day-to-day needs that fits within your budget. Even better, we use genuine CTL Chromebook parts to ensure our refurbished products are in prime condition and ready to be used.