Genuine CTL Chromebook Parts

Whether you’re repairing your Chromebook or upgrading it, CTL offers qualified IT departments genuine Google Chromebook parts that can be used to support their Chromebook fleets.

What Chromebook Models Are CTL Chromebook Parts Available For?

At CTL, we offer genuine Chromebook parts that are compatible with a wide array of models. CTL Chromebook parts are available for CTL Chromebook models NL6, NL61, NL61T, NL7, NL7T, NL7TW, NL71, NL71T, NL71TW, NL71CT, NL6, NL6, NL61T, J2, J4, J4+, J5, J41 as well as X-Panel variants. By offering Chromebook parts for so many models, we’re able to accommodate a large number of users who are looking to upgrade or repair their Chromebooks.

Can You Replace Parts in a Chromebook?

Yes, you can replace parts in a Chromebook when you use genuine Google Chromebook parts. Using replacement Chromebook parts allow you to easily repair or upgrade your device from the comfort of your own home. With a Chromebook, you don’t have to throw the whole device away if there’s a problem or you’re unsatisfied with a part—simply purchase the corresponding Chromebook replacement part and you can make your device like new again.

At CTL, we make it easy for qualified IT departments to service and support their Chromebook fleets by offering a wide range of genuine Google Chromebook parts. In addition to making self-repair convenient, CTL Chromebook parts are available at a price that makes servicing devices extremely affordable.

What Type of Chromebook Parts Does CTL Offer?

CTL offers a wide range of Chromebook parts that can be used to address all kinds of issues. Below, we list some of the best-selling CTL Chromebook parts and discuss the types of issues they can help fix:

  • CTL OEM USB C Adapter for NL7, NL71, J41, and VX11 models (30W): For the Chromebook models that have transitioned to USB C ports, a replacement charger can ensure your device always has the power it needs.
  • 11.6” LCD panel display replacement for the CTL NL6, NL61, J2, J4, J41, NL7, NL71, and VX11 models: In case of damage, scratches, or other problems, simply swap out your Chromebook display.
  • Battery pack for CTL J5 Chromebook (HR-116C): If your battery breaks or fails, keep your Chromebook running with this replacement battery for the J5 model.

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