Chromebox Solutions from CTL

Powerhouse performance throughout your enterprise.
Only with the CTL Chromebox and services.

The CTL Chromebox: Powerful Versatility

Unleash next-level computing performance across your entire organization with the CTL Chromebox Series.  These powerful, versatile mini PCs deliver future-proof performance to effortlessly handle your most demanding workloads.  A Chromebox from CTL is your utility player for everything from everyday desktop workstations to digital signage.

Purchase in quantity and deploy your solution. Or, talk to us about our OEM services, where we can provide the Chromebox compute device for your larger ChromeOS system.

With 30+ years of computing expertise and device deployment in more than 50 countries, CTL is your single-source partner to deliver unprecedented computing power for student and workforce users.

Configurable Performance

Future-proof your workspaces with powerful processing.  CTL’s Chromebox solutions deliver advanced performance with Intel CPUs, up to 8 GB of RAM, and a luxurious 256 GB of storage.

Drive stunning visuals with support for up to four 4K displays from a single CTL Chromebox.

Have unique requirements? Work with us to adjust memory and update the storage for your exact needs.

Manage Everywhere

CTL’s Chromebox is the ultimate multitool, serving in diverse applications from desktop mini-PC workstations to digital signage for restaurants, retail, healthcare, enterprise, and more.

Deploy and manage everything easily using the power of the Google Admin console.

Streamlined, Easy, Secure

The stylish, space-saving form factor is eco-friendly and easily pairs with your ChromeOS system solution.

License Options

Bundle licensing with your device and select from a variety of options including:

  • device-only license
  • device-only + annual license
  • Chrome Enterprise perpetual license

Chromebox devices offer Google automatic updates for up to 10 years.

Ensure Deployment Success with CTL Services

Ensure a smooth and worry-free deployment with CTL's unmatched service. From best practice guidance to program implementation to ongoing maintenance, only CTL delivers the OEM-quality services and support you need throughout the life cycle of your program.

We offer:

1:1 Advice and Support

Volume Order Discounts

Device Rental Program

Free Shipping

Free Google ZTE

Self-Service Training

Demo Devices

OEM-Quality Repairs

Climate-Positive Impact

Buy-Back and Recycling

Sustainability from the Start

CTL designs and builds Chromebox solutions with sustainability from day one, combining sustainable manufacturing with whole life cycle management services including:

  • Sincere commitments to eco standards and easy self-repairability
  • Energy Star 8, FSC, CE, EcoLab, California CSC, RoHS compliance
  • End-of-life buyback programs for CTL Chromebox devices to repurpose and recycle, reclaim value, and allocate toward your purchase of new devices
  • Electronics recycling programs for CTL devices

View CTL’s commitment to sustainability.

Why CTL?

One of the World's Largest ChromeOS Manufacturers

We deliver Chromebox solutions in 50+ countries worldwide