CTL display products are manufactured to rigorous standards. Our display products are consistently recognized as among the highest quality display products in the industry. Nevertheless, due to the nature of LCD technology, an LCD display may exhibit a small number of very small bright or dark spots on the screen. Often, these spots are noticeable only when the screen continuously displays a certain solid color such as an all-white or all black background. This type of background can be present when initially turning a computer on, or when a computer switches the display to a specific screen-saver. 

Occasionally, these spots can seem to appear when a user switches to a different desktop background image. In actuality, these spots are pixels or sub-pixels that are stuck always on (viewable as a bright spot on a dark background) or always off (viewable as a dark spot on a light background). 

An LCD display is made up of tens of thousands of individual pixels, and each pixel is made up of 3 individual sub-pixels (red, blue and green). In-fact, a 17" LCD has over 1,300,000 pixels and almost 4 million sub-pixels! Each sub-pixel is controlled by an individual transistor which turns the individual sub-pixel that it controls either on or off to create the image on your screen. An anomaly occurring during the manufacturing process can cause an individual transistor to continuously light or fail to light an individual pixel element, causing one of these small spots on the screen. Although this anomaly occurs relatively rarely in individual transistors, there are millions of sub-pixels on each LCD screen, and it is not uncommon for an LCD screen from any manufacturer to contain a few of these transistor anomalies and their associated bright or dark spots. For a manufacturer to sell only LCD''s with no transistor anomalies would result in a prohibitive cost to you, the consumer…one many times higher than it is today. Most people and applications are tolerant of a small number of these transistor anomalies on an LCD screen, and prefer the lower cost of LCD''s that existing standards allow. 

CTL sets simple & strict limits as to the allowable number of non-performing pixels or sub-pixels on our LCD display and laptop computer screens. These criteria supplement our existing Warranty and are applicable during the warranty period for all CTL and 2go LCD displays as follows: 

  • The LCD display of products under warranty will be replaced if CTL determines that it has 6 or more bright sub-pixels, 6 or more dark sub-pixels or a combination of 6 or more bright and dark sub pixels.

Please note that it is possible that any replacement display may also have some non-performing pixels or sub-pixels. This should be considered when requesting a warranty exchange.

No Dead Pixel Warranty Option

  • CTL offers on certain models a No Dead Pixel Warranty.  A monitor purchased with this warranty will be replaced in the warranty period if one (1) or more dark or bight pixels are found.