CTL Chromebox CBx2 Roundup Reviews

CTL Chromebox CBx2 Roundup Reviews

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CTL rugged Chromebooks are designed for use in demanding K12 education environments.
Chromebook Tablets
Our 360 Touch CTL Chromebook Tablets easily convert from laptop to tablet in seconds.
Powerful and affordable Chromeboxes for work, education, and the enterprise.
CTL Chrome 2-in-1s pair a CTL Chromebox or Chromebit to the back of a CTL LCD monitor for affordable All-in-One solution.
Chromebook Parts
CTL makes it easy for organizations to service out of warranty CTL Chromebooks with a wide selection of parts for CTL Chromebooks.
CTL Monitors
CTL Monitors are EnergyStar Certified, have stunning displays, and include features such as height adjustable stands.

We Know Chrome

CTL is here for all of your technology device needs. From Chromebook deployments in the classroom to full scale conference room solutions in the office, we power on your greatest ideas (even from the comfort of home).

Customers are Talking

“Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were looking to eliminate the passing of papers between our students and instructors in our math learning center. We purchased the Chromebook tablets for our students and and the Chromebook laptops with 360 hinges and touchscreens for our instructors. This was the perfect solution for us. The customer service at CTL has been great, as well.”
“Great shopping experience. Less than 5 minutes, start to finish. Nice touch including "Apple Pay" as an option :)”
“Over the last year, CTL has been our source for student Chromebooks. Their price was right and still is. The devices are packed expertly and arrive on schedule. The Chromebooks were delivered as promised without issue. We were never disappointed. I would highly recommend CTL as a technology vendor.”
“Chromebooks are Chromebooks . . . NOT! The little extra’s from CTL have pushed them ahead of the others, not to mention the personal attention from the Sales staff and the Tech Department.”
“CTL Chromebooks have been an outstanding addition to our district. They have been much more reliable and dependable than any other brand we have here. Our staff and students have been nothing but pleased with their performance.”
“Everything about CTL speaks to quality. The devices have offered the kind of consistent performance, battery life, ease of use and management, and ruggedness we have needed for some time. The service I have received from you and your colleagues has been impressive, consistently hitting the right mix of ease and swiftness, professionalism and friendliness. Thank you for running a business that serves our school so well.”

The CTL Chromebox CBx2

Great for use in education, corporate, and in the home.
The new CTL Chromebox CBx2 series expands the CTL portfolio for classroom, digital signage, and corporate use. With models featuring both the Intel Celeron and the powerful Intel Core i7 processor, CTL's CBx2 Chromebox is a powerful and versatile Chrome workhorse.
The CTL Chromebox CBx2

The CTL NL71 Rugged Chromebook. Perfect for Education 1:1 Deployments

When dropped on a side or corner, the reinforced bumper hits the ground first, protecting the LED Screen. Reinforced ports, water-resistant keyboard, a non-slip texture and low-profile carry handle make this the ideal laptop for children and commuters. Other features include an anti-reflective screen minimizes glare under fluorescent lights and near windows, and ergonomic keyboard with anti-peel keys and an easy-to-use interface.
The CTL NL71 Rugged Chromebook. Perfect for Education 1:1 Deployments

Chrome All In Ones

Chromebase computers combine the power of Google Chrome with a simple all-in-one interface. CTL offers an affordable and simple solution for customers looking for a Google Chromebase AIO. CTL Chrome 2-in-1s consist of a CTL Chromebox factory mounted onto the back of a CTL LCD monitor. CTL Chrome AIOs are a simple, space-saving solution for work or play.
Chrome All In Ones