Chrome Desktops

Chrome Desktops

Chromebox computers, also known as Chrome Desktops, are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to provide users with a secure platform that is easy-to-use and can be easily managed by IT departments. The Google Chrome OS operating system provides enhanced security through cloud storage and the unique log-in process allows multiple users to access one machine while retaining settings across devices. They have a low total cost of ownership, require less maintenance than traditional PCs or Macs, and are perfect for schools and businesses looking for a secure device at an affordable price.


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Chrome Desktops

Why Chrome Desktops (Chromebox Computers) Are a Smart Choice in Schools and Business


  • Chromeboxes are perfect for students because they are easy to deploy, difficult to break, and don't have to be charged
  • Chromeboxes are perfect for businesses because they are secure, easy to manage, and have a low total cost of ownership
  • Chrome desktops run the Google Chrome OS operating system with built-in virus protection and can be easily managed by IT departments

Chromebox computers, also known as Chrome Desktops, are desktop computers designed to run Google’s Chrome OS operating system. You can think of them as a hybrid of traditional desktop PCs and Chromebook laptops, offering many of the same features as a Chromebook but in a fixed, traditional desktop PC form. The Chrome OS is built on the Linux kernel with an interface that resembles the look and feel of Google's Chrome web browser. In addition to the web browser, Chromeboxes come ready to use with useful Google Workspace applications like Google Docs for word processing, Google Meet for video calling; and a full suite of apps from the Google Play store.

Chromebox devices offer several advantages that make them an ideal choice for schools and businesses over traditional PCs. First and foremost, they are incredibly secure since all data is stored in the cloud so users don't have to worry about losing their information due to hardware failure or theft. Additionally, since each user logs into their own account on the computer, their settings and preferences will follow them across any device they use at school or work.

Another great thing about Chromebox computers is that they are affordable and usually cost a lot less than other PC models, even though they work just as well. This makes them an ideal solution for tight school budgets or businesses looking to reduce information technology costs without sacrificing quality or performance. Finally, they are extremely low-maintenance, with little need to buy additional software licenses or refresh hardware components regularly. Because of this easy upkeep, Chromeboxes often require fewer IT personnel than other systems which saves both time and money in the long term.

All in all, Chromebox computers, which can include an Intel Celeron or Intel Core processor and run ChromeOS, offer many benefits for schools and businesses alike. They offer enhanced security through cloud-based storage along with ease of use for users due to their unique log-in process allowing multiple users on one machine with retention of settings across devices. They also have a low price, and are easy to support, making them cost-effective compared to traditional Windows PCs or Macs.

Running Chrome OS, often regarded as the most secure operating system, Chromebox computers are an increasingly popular choice for businesses and educational institutions due to their ability to be used as thin clients for business applications or in classrooms. Thin clients allow users to connect to and access apps, software, files, and data installed on a remote server instead of the computer itself, which reduces hardware costs and maintenance time. Chromebox computers offer a secure platform that can easily be managed by IT departments while providing students with an easy-to-use device perfect for learning.

Chromebox devices are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to provide users with a secure platform that can be easily managed and maintained. These features make them ideal for both personal and professional uses such as schools, businesses, or even home offices. Like Chromebooks, Chrome box computers take up minimal desk space, can be connected to an external display/monitor, and have ports to accept peripherals like a USB drive. Some of the most common use cases for Chrome box computers include thin client computing in business applications, classrooms, remote collaboration tools like conferencing or webinars, streaming videos, gaming, cloud-based storage solutions like Google Drive and Dropbox; streaming media services like Netflix; as well as everyday tasks such as web search and checking emails.

Businesses and educational institutions are adopting Chrome boxes, resulting in millions of dollars saved on IT costs while still providing users with an enhanced security platform. These devices, save on maintenance requirements, while also giving users easy access to cloud-based storage solutions, streaming media services, and more. Not only do they require fewer IT personnel than other systems but their easy upkeep is key in saving both time and money in the long term. All in all Google Chromebox computers provide businesses and schools alike with an affordable yet easy-to-rely-on solution that is perfect for reducing IT budget expenses and increasing access to cloud-based software and files.

Chromebox computers can enhance productivity by providing users with the details and tools they need to create and collaborate effectively. With features such as cloud-based storage, streaming media services, secure platform access, and more, Chromebox computers provide users with an easy-to-use device perfect for creating content quickly and securely. Not only do these devices save on IT costs but their low maintenance requirements make them ideal for businesses or schools looking to increase efficiency while still maintaining a high level of security. Google Chrome OS devices are an affordable yet powerful solution that can help users enhance their productivity more than expected.

Benefits of The Chrome Operating System on a Desktop PC

Chrome OS is quickly becoming a popular choice for personal and professional use due to its many advantages over Microsoft Windows. Chrome OS provides users with enhanced security, easy maintenance, and a low cost of ownership compared to Macs or traditional PCs which run only Windows. Additionally, it offers features such as cloud-based storage solutions and streaming media services that make it an ideal choice for businesses or educational institutions looking to reduce their IT costs while still providing the best user experience possible. With all these benefits combined, it’s no wonder why Chrome OS has become so popular in recent years.

Google Chrome OS Chromebox FAQ

Question: Do you have to install Chrome OS on Chromeboxes?

Answer: Chromebox desktop devices come with Chrome OS pre-installed.

Question: What is the life of a Chromebox?

Answer: ChromeOS desktop devices are typically supported with OS updates from Google for 7+ years from the date that the Chrome desktop is launched.

Question: Do Chrome desktop computers use Intel Core processors?

Answer: Yes, Chrome OS PC's do use Intel Core CPUs.

Question: How many tabs can a ChromeOS PC have open in a window at a time?

Answer: Like Chromebooks, the number of tabs that a Chrome computer can have open in a window at one time depends on the details related to the device stock configuration. This can be impacted by factors such as processor power, and installed memory.

Question: What technology is required to connect a monitor to a Chrome OS PC?

Answer: To install an external monitor or display to a ChromeOS PC, first, disconnect the power. Then use a cable such as an HDMI cable to connect the Chrome OS computer to the monitor. Then power on the Chrome OS PC and the display.

Question: How does a Chrome OS desktop computer compare to a Chromebook?

Answer: To start with, while a Chromebook and a Chrome OS desktop computer both run ChromeOS, and have a long support life from the date of introduction, a Chromebook has a battery and is portable, and a ChromeOS desktop is not. ChromeOS desktops can connect to an external monitor and operate similarly to a desktop PC.

Question: What processor is available on a stock Chromebox?

Answer: ChromeOS desktop computers designed for business can incorporate Intel Core or Celeron CPUs.

Question: How can IT departments support and protect users running ChromeOS devices?

Answer: IT departments don't have to install anti-virus software to monitor ChromeOS devices like they do with Macs and Windows PCs. ChromeOS is widely recognized as one of the most secure operating systems at any price. ChromeOS automatically refreshes the operating system with a new version in the background without the need to update via USB drive, without the need for the user to request a refresh, and without the need for IT staff to monitor and request a ChromeOS refresh. And what is the price for this ChromeOS security? Nothing extra! Unlike a Windows PC or a Mac, It's built into the price of the Chrome device.



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