Full HD (FHD) vs HD Screen Resolution on Chromebooks - What is the difference?

Full HD (FHD) vs HD Screen Resolution on Chromebooks - What is the difference?

What exactly is Full HD (FHD) screen resolution on a Chromebook and how is different from High Definition screen resolution? Read on to see how High Definition and Full High Definition compare and why the newest generation of CTL FHD Chromebooks represent one of the best and most affordable FHD Chromebook options.


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Full HD (FHD) vs HD Screen Resolution on Chromebooks - What is the difference?

So what exactly is Full HD and is it different from High Definition? Read on to see how High Definition and Full High Definition compare.

The more pixels on a digital display's screen, the higher the resolution, which results in an image that is more clear and crisp...especially on larger screens. 

Screens that have a display resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels are referred to as HD, High Definition resolution, or 720p resolution. HD Chromebook screens can provide plenty of resolution for many day to day computing tasks such as research, email, and writing papers. Because there are fewer pixels on the screen, if a higher resolution isn't needed, Chromebooks with an HD screen can be less expensive than Chromebooks with an FHD screen, and they do not have the same resolution.

Screens that have a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 are referred to as Full HD, or FHD resolution. FHD delivers 1080p image resolution and have about double the pixels of 720p HD screens. This results in an even more enhanced image quality. 

But why is FHD screen resolution on a Chromebook important?

Whether to purchase Chromebooks with HD or FHD screens all boils down to how the Chromebooks will be used. HD Chromebooks with 11.6" screens that will be used in the classroom, for distance learning, or by remote employees can provide plenty of resolution to get the job done ... and at a lower cost than Chromebooks with FHD screens.

For Chromebooks users that spend more time on the screen or for those that work with images, graphics or lots of data, higher resolution FHD screens can enhance productivity and user satisfaction. Teachers, high school students, knowledge workers, call center workers, and those using a Chromebook as their primary computer can benefit from larger FHD screens. 

"The reason we chose a Full HD (1080p) screen on our PX14EX and PX14EXT Chromebooks is that for those of us spending a considerable amount in front of our screen, a FHD screen can be a better experience.” says CTL President Erik Stromquist. "We continue to get user feedback for higher-end capabilities on our Chromebooks, and we are excited to provide the best experience possible while still offering a price that is a great value." 

CTL recently launched The CTL PX14EX and PX14EXT Chromebooks with 14” Full HD 1920 x 1080 1080P screen, our largest FHD Chromebook panels.

Combined with the latest Intel Jasper Lake chipsets, CTL FHD Chromebooks  are unmatched when it comes to functionality and affordability. With a large need to fill the technology gap, the CTL Chromebook PX14EX series are a budget-friendly option for school, work, and everything in between. 

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