Strategies to Protect Your School's Chromebook Fleet

Strategies to Protect Your School's Chromebook Fleet

Chromebooks are ideal for remote learning and the plethora of situations where organizations need easy-to-use, affordable laptops. Chromebooks are great in class or at home, but accidents happen. If you’re managing a fleet of Chromebooks, it’s crucial to help students protect their devices from scratches and falls when they’re in use and when transferring them to and from class.

Does a Chromebook Require a Protective Case?
While a case isn’t technically required, one of the biggest problems with offering Chromebooks as a remote learning aid is that occasionally their users aren’t careful. It’s especially true when young or inexperienced people such as students have them. To minimize the damage from accidents, protect your Chromebooks with appropriate cases for the specific device.

How Do I Choose The Best Case for a Chromebook?
The best case should protect the screen and every computer component and safeguard them against drops, spills, and other incidents. Keep the following in mind when you’re looking for a case for your remote learning Chromebooks.

Look for cases that are made to fit the device model precisely. You’ll also want something rugged and able to withstand a fall. You’ll also want to make sure that the case is made from high-quality materials.

There are three categories of cases for Chromebooks - case sleeves, “always on” cases, and snap-on cases.

CTL’s Vantage Sleeve for 11" Chromebooks is a sleek, slim, and highly protective sleeve style case. It can be used inside backpacks or as a free standing sleeve.

The CTL Always On 11" Chromebook Case is a smart choice for protection, productivity and durability. The work-in design is ideal for school and transport.

CTL offers the Infocase Snap-on case for CTL Chromebook models NL72 and NL72-LTE and NL72T and NL72TW. These cases provide lightweight protection that prevents scratching and offers non-slip corners to cut down on sliding. Installing them is as easy as snapping them into place, and there is always open access to all the device’s ports. The polycarbonate structure is tough and offers visibility for scanning barcodes to keep track of your devices.

How else can I protect a Chromebook?

You can also protect your Chromebook by adding a warranty that covers parts, labor and accidental damage. At purchase, choose one, two, three or four year options. This will ensure that your device can get back to new no matter what happens during the day-to-day rigors of student activities.

Digital Citizenship
As a good digital citizen, students need to understand the importance of protecting devices from damage so the schools won’t be required to repair or replace them. The cost of dealing with damaged devices is a real problem for schools in terms of time and money. Good digital citizenship requires respect for not only the software, but the hardware as well.

Combining quality protective cases with upgraded warranties and good digital citizenship goes a long way towards keeping a device up and running for a long time.

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