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Managing Chromebooks in the Classroom

Managing Chromebooks in the Classroom

You’ve heard they’re great tools...but the thought of all the things that could go wrong makes your blood run cold. What’s an already-busy teacher to do with the influx of technology into his or he...
An Organized Classroom is the Ideal Environment for Learning

An Organized Classroom is the Ideal Environment for Learning

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Create a space where your students thrive academically. The environment in which students learn in should be safe, clutter-free, and well-equipped with items that promote academic growth. If you’re...

CTL’s J5 Rated One of the Best Chromebooks of 2017

chromebook for education
PC Magazine recently released their best of 2017 Chromebooks and CTL is proud to announce the J5 Chromebook made the list with its convertible laptop-to-tablet touchscreen, long-lasting battery, an...

CTL Chromebooks & First Book: Closing the Education Equality Gap

1:1 e-learning
CTL is proud to offer CTL Chromebooks for Education on the First Book Marketplace. First Book is a national charity working to close the educational equality gap by providing books and resources to...

CTL Products Earn Microsoft WHQL Certification

CTL is proud to announce that the 2go Convertible Classmate PC NL3 (a netbook/tablet combination), 2go Classmate PC E12 netbook and CTL MB40 Business Class Notebooks have all been Microsoft WHQL ce...

The All New 2go PC E12—You Can’t Judge this Netbook by its Cover

With its lightweight design and protective rubberized case, at first look it’s easy to see why the 2go PC E12 is ideal for students, but this netbook’s capabilities go far beyond the classroom. Upg...