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Looking for Data Backup and Storage Solutions for Government, Healthcare, Education or Business?

Did you know that CTL® is partnering with industry leaders in data backup and storage to offer solutions to our government, healthcare, education and business customers?

CTL® is Your Provider for ExaGrid Disk Backup Appliances!

backup and deduplication
Save Time and Money with CTL®’s Selection of ExaGrid Backup and Deduplication Appliances CTL® is excited to partner with leading data backup solution provider ExaGrid to offer our customers a revol...

CTL Helps You Protect Your Server Investment with the Intel Server Component Extended Warranty and Intel On-Site Server Repair

Your servers are one of the most crucial parts of your business. Server malfunction can bring your operations to a standstill, costing you time and money. Fortunately, you can protect your new CTL ...

CTL Exhibits QSSC-S4R Server At Super Computing Conference 2010 In New Orleans, LA

CTL exhibits the QSSC-S4R Quad Xeon Server by Intel and Quanta Computer at the 2010 Super Computing Conference in New Orleans, LA