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Android Police Reviews CTL Chromebox CBx1

Get to know what one of the leading tech review sites has to say about our product. Check out our exclusive line of powerful Chromeboxes and the customized Chrome device options we offer!

Android Police spent some time with our CTL Chromebox CBx1 and we wanted to share what the technology review site said about our product.

The Verdict Is In

Reviewer Corbin Davenport explains that the CTL Chromebox CBx1 “doesn’t look fancy” but is “a great option for family or friends in need of a new computer with basic functioning.” He notes that “It’s decently fast, the software experience is great, and there are plenty of connectivity options.” For someone who needs a basic computer and doesn’t want the trouble of calling customer service for virus removal help, the Chromebox CBx1 is ideal.

Davenport mentions that the main difference between our Chromebox and the Celeron version of the Acer Chromebox CXI 3 is aesthetics. The design is different, and our version retails for $219.99 where our competitor’s product retails for $289.99.

He also mentions that the only way to get a Windows computer of similar quality is to buy it used or refurbished. When you have the option to buy a brand new Chromebox CBx1 for less than it costs for second-hand electronics, what would you do? Clearly, Davenport agrees that CTL is the source for this product because of our low prices and excellent customer service.

Get Your Own Chromebox CTL Today

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