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CTL Chromebook Donation to Madison High Helps Students Prepare for the Future with College Possible

CTL’s Donation of 30 Chromebooks Plus a Charging Cart Maximizes Efficiency for Students and their College Possible Coaches

“I cannot thank CTL for helping me serve my students to my fullest capacity and helping create more future college graduates!”

–  Madison High College Possible Coach, Zoe Kaslow

Over the Summer, CTL joined forces with the Portland, Oregon branch of College Possible, a national program that helps to prepare low-income and first-generation students for college. CTL is proud to support this non-profit organization and donated 30 CTL J2 Chromebooks and a charging cart to Madison High School in NE Portland.

With the school year well underway, we had a chance to catch up with Nicole Mays, External Relations and Operations Coordinator at College Possible Portland to find out how the program at Madison High is going so far. Not only did she have a positive update for us, she sent some photos of our donated J2 Chromebooks in action!

Mays described how the Chromebooks are being used to help students prepare for college. There is a dedicated room for the Chromebooks and cart, which is critical to provide computer access to students in the Madison High College Possible program. “Juniors do not have access to Madison’s computer lab,” Mays explained, “and seniors often can’t stay late to work with their coaches because they have after school jobs. The Chromebooks dedicated specifically for the College Possible program allow students and coaches the flexibility meet and use the Chromebooks during free periods in the school day.”

Madison High College Possible Coach Miguel Rodriguez is working with 39 juniors this year and helping them to make a “College Greenlight” account online to help them research colleges and universities. Rodriguez is available to answer questions and discuss different college options. Later this spring, the juniors will use the Chromebooks to research summer enrichment programs available on different college campuses. “Last year, two students from our program participated in a summer enrichment program at Princeton,” Mays said. Mays added that the students are using Google Docs to fill out applications and write essays for admission to summer programs as well as work on their resumes. She pointed out how handy Google Drive has been for the students to collaborate with their coaches.

Zoe Kaslow is coaching 40 seniors in the College Possible program at Madison High.

I use them every day with students in my office,” Kaslow said about the donated CTL J2 Chromebooks. “They allow me to work with multiple students during their free periods without invading the library or another space. My students have been using them to apply to colleges and scholarships as well as perfect their essays and resumes,” Kaslow said.

CTL is proud to support College Possible’s mission to prepare young people for college and their future careers. Congrats to all the Madison High students participating in this year’s program. We wish them luck in their application process and will follow up in the Spring to announce the colleges they’ll be attending!

College Possible Coach with CTL Chromebook

College Possible Coach Miguel Rodriguez with one of the CTL Chromebooks donated to the Madison High School program.

A Madison High College Possible Student Using CTL Donated Chromebook

A Madison High college possible student uses one of the 30 J2 Chromebooks donated by CTL to research colleges.


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