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CTL Ultrabooks Plus Education Equals a Winning Combination!

When it comes to PCs for education, often there’s a need for the best of all worlds. Ultra-mobility, high power, and competitive pricing are all important. That’s why CTL is so excited about their new Ultrabooks as a great solution for educators!  Ultrabooks take the portability of a Netbook and merge it with the capabilities of a full-sized Notebook to enable teachers or students to be more productive wherever they go. CTL has unveiled their B14 14.1” Business Class Ultrabook, and the Ultrabook i5-2467.

So, what exactly defines an Ultrabook? Intel has coined the term, “Ultrabook,” and provides strict guidelines for any device to carry that name. All Ultrabooks must meet the following criteria:

• Intel Core processor such as the Core i3/i5/i7

• No thicker than 0.71” (screens less than 14”) or .83” (screens 14” or more)

• Runs at least 5 hours on a single battery charge

• Resumes from hibernation in approximately 7 seconds

• Features Intel Anti-Theft and Intel Identity Protection Technology

• Cost less than $1000

At about half the thickness and weight of regular laptop computers, Ultrabooks can save valuable space in backpacks and are therefore much easier on your back.  Teachers and students can have everything they need in the compact Ultrabook.

CTL B14 Business Class UltrabookThe CTL B14 14.1’’ Business Class Ultrabook features an Intel Core-i Third Generation Processor, DDR3 Memory, and a hard drive expandable from 60 to 480GB. There’s more than enough power and storage space to run educational software such as Intel’s Learning Series. Boasting battery life of 9 hours, this Ultrabook will get you through your school day with no problem! The CTL B14 Ultrabook starts at just $909.


Ultrabook i5-2467

The Ultrabook i5-2467 is a Samsung 14.0’’ Ultrabook featuring the powerful Intel Core i5-2467M processor, 500GB hard drive, and 4GB DDR3 RAM. It’s got a 1.3 Mega Pixel HD webcam, and weighs just less than 4 pounds. It’s also well suited for running educational software with plenty of storage space. Starting at only $941.27, this Ultrabook is a great match for educator and student budgets.


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