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Full HD (FHD) vs HD - What is the difference?


"The reason we chose a Full HD(1080p) screen on our new CTL NL81 14” Chromebooks is that in our current work-from-home and distance learning environments, we are all spending a considerable amount in front of our screen, and a FHD screen can be a better experience.” says CTL President Erik Stromquist. "We continue to get user feedback for higher-end capabilities on our Chromebooks, and we are excited to provide the best experience possible while still offering a price that is a great value." 

CTL recently launched The CTL Chromebook NL81 series with a 14” 1080P screen, our largest FHD panel to date. 

So what exactly is Full HD and how is it a step up from High Definition? Read on to see how High Definition and Full High Definition compare.

Full HD, or FHD, refers to the image resolution of a display panel. FHD delivers 1080p image resolution and is an impressive step up from the typical High Definition 720p image resolution - about double the pixels to be exact.

But why is FHD quality important?

The pixels in an image, the higher the resolution, which results in an image that is more clear and crisp...especially on larger screens. 

Combined with the latest Intel Gemini Lake and Pentium processors, the CTL Chromebook NL81 and CTL Chromebook NL81T  are unmatched when it comes to functionality and affordability. With a large need to fill the technology gap, the CTL Chromebook NL81 series are a budget-friendly option for school, work, and everything in between. Visit ctl.net to check out the latest Chromebooks to ramp up your work productivity. 


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