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Hapara and Other Education Solutions from CTL

Hapara Teacher Dashboard and other CTL Education Solutions

Hapara and other Education Education Solutions for CTL’s Chromebooks

CTL is gaining widespread recognition for their education-specific devices such as the CTL NL6 Education Chromebook, the CTL J2 Chromebook for Education, the 2goPC NL5 2-in-1 Windows tablet and more. Recently awarded a CTL NASPO ValuePoint Computer Equipment Contract , CTL is expanding its reach to more and more K-12 schools nationwide. What you  might not know is that all our education-specific products are backed by enterprise level service and support.

When your educational institution or school district purchase a CTL NL6 Education Chromebook or CTL J2 Chromebook for Education, Hapara Teacher Dashboard and the following upgrades and services are available:

Chrome Device Management Licenses – from $30

  • Configure and manage user accounts
  • Control network access
  • Create user groups
  • Customize user features
  • Pre-install and block applications
  • Provide layers of security
  • Track assets

CTL White Glove Configuration Service –  from $10
(Free with purchase of 100+ CTL NL6 Education Chromebooks through June 30, 2015)

  • Enrolling Chromebooks to school’s Google Apps domain
  • Validating device policies
  • Applying Chrome OS update
  • Applying customer asset tags on request
  • Providing school with data capture of serial numbers and asset tag numbers
  • Capture MAC address so they can be tracked if lost or stolen

Hapara Licenses – Call for Pricing
The Hapara Teacher Dashboard easily offers teachers the ability to view student efforts in Google Apps, enabling individual student activity feeds organized by class and shown in dashboards. This results in effortless, formative assessment and increased online student safety. With Hapara, teachers can articipate directly with students through the browser to open and close web pages on student devices, priority message students and take snapshots of student screens.

All our Windows devices including the CTL 2go PC  NL5 Rugged 2-in-1 Windows Tablet and the NL4-R Convertible Tablet include the Intel Education Software Stack. These rich, interactive applications empower educators with tools to manage the classroom and keep students on task. In addition, IT departments can keep students and technology safe and secure from malware and loss.

The Intel® Education Software stack includes:

  • Classroom Management
  • MyScript Notes/MyScript Stylus
  • Intel Education Theft Deterrent
  • McAfee AntiVirus Plus/Mobile Security
  • Intel Education Lab Camera
  • SPARKvue
  • ArtRage
  • Intel Education Access Management
  • Intel Education Media Camera

Smarter Balanced Testing Specifications MetDid you know that CTL’s Chromebooks and 2goPC Windows devices meet the technical specifications required by Smarter Balanced testing, which has become the standardized test adopted by many U.S. states? If your state is using a different standardized test, contact us to find out more – chances are that our education-specific devices can meet your needs.


Solutions offered for both Chromebooks and Windows devices include:

  • Pearson Education Software – Call for Pricing (iLit, Pearson System of Courses, enVision-MATH 2.0, Interactive Science, Interactive Music powered by Silver Burdett and many other solutions that span the K-12 curriculum).
  • Web Filtering and Reporting Service to assist with CIPA compliance – from $5/user. However, CTL is offering ONE FREE YEAR of web filtering and reporting from Securly for a limited time.
  • Bulk Pack – from $2/unit. CTL offers customers the ability to have multiple units shipped in special bulk pack shipping cartons, which reduces packaging and waste associated with shipping each unit in an individual box and saves time in unpacking and deployment.
  • Professional Development and Student/Parent Training – Call for Pricing
  • Full Color Painting – from $15 (minimum of 25 units required)
  • Asset Tagging – from $2.50/unit
  • Asset Reports – from $2.50/unit
  • Store and Charge Carts (pre-wire services available)

CTL also provides a range of warranty coverage and customer support options. Download the CTL Education Solutions Guide and Warranty informational booklet to learn more about Hapara Teacher Dashboard and our complete selection of enterprise level support and service. At CTL, we provide complete solutions to help educators create an interactive learning experience for teachers and students, streamline set up and management for IT departments and ensure that internet use is safe and secure.


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