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Helpful Videos on Using the Intel Reader

Without a doubt the Intel® Reader is an amazing device and I want to make sure everyone who gets their hands on one feels the same way. With that in mind here is a collection of Youtube videos that I think are a great resource to have bookmarked in your web browser.

This first video is an overview of the Intel® Reader.

The second video by ‘Asistiv’ is a must see. This video demonstrates the best practices for using your Intel® Reader.

Ben Foss, the inventor of the Intel® Reader, has done some great videos on using the Intel® Reader. This first video reviews the materials and demonstrates the usage of the Intel® Reader.

Here is part 2.

If you or someone you know has dyslexia, the Intel® Reader may be something to look at. The Intel® Reader reads printed text aloud – it’s as easy as point, click and listen. Learn more at CTL’s Intel® Reader page.


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