Intel® Jasper Lake Chromebooks usher in cost-effective performance

Intel® Jasper Lake Chromebooks usher in cost-effective performance

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It’s no secret that Chromebook popularity has exploded over the last year. Surprisingly, bargain basement devices aren’t the most sought after models for the average consumer and other segments looking for a new laptop. Premium flagship models are popular, but there’s a middle ground in between the two that hits the sweet spot for most Chromebook users. As a utility device, this makes sense on some levels. For some users, having the latest and greatest that Chrome OS has to offer is a big selling point but that also means you have to be willing to pay premium prices to get that experience. For many users, however, the standard, cloud-centric Chromebook experience is more than enough to get the job done and that doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Thanks to improvements in CPU power and efficiency, Chromebook users now have more options than ever before to get a device that checks off all (or at least most) of their respective boxes without breaking the bank. Thus, for many, the lower-priced Chromebook has become very, very attractive. The mid-range market offers a great value proposition without all the sacrifices that used to come with buying a device with an entry-level CPU and that is thanks largely in part to the massive number of small-core Intel Chromebooks available today.
A new era for small-core Intel chips

With the release of Intel’s Gemini Lake and Gemini Lake-R CPUs a couple of years ago, speeds have increased. The Intel N4020 processor found in devices like the CTL Chromebook NL71 actually made a moderate workload manageable. These CPUs weren’t blazing fast, but they didn’t get in your way, either. That’s all you can ask of cost-cutting processors after all, and Intel really delivered on that. Prices stayed down and performance went up.
Jasper Lake

In 2021, Intel® Jasper Lake arrived and improved on what Gemini Lake already did well. You can expect low prices, faster performance, and Chromebooks that have slightly-better build quality at the same price points you saw with Gemini Lake devices. According to what Intel shared at CES 2021, big performance enhancements like up to 144% improvement in overall Chromebook performance, 162% faster web application performance, Wi-Fi 6, and better camera performance are all part of the package. Take a look:

The best news is that there are now more than thirty Jasper Lake devices on the market including a variety of rugged EDU devices from CTL. These Chromebooks combine ruggedness, versatility, performance, and the lightweight footprint that only Chrome OS can offer.

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