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Intel Small Business Advantage Offers Built-In Peace of Mind

Intel Small Business Advantage If you’re a small business owner, your PCs are often the last thing you have time to think about. Yet, if you don’t back up data, update software, and guard against dangerous downloads, your operations can come to a standstill. Intel has developed a solution so that all these tasks are done automatically so you can have peace of mind and focus on your business instead of your PCs.

Intel Small Business Advantage is designed to maintain and protect your PCs automatically. Using an intuitive user interface, routine data backup and software updates can be scheduled after hours so your employees just turn on their computer the next day without interruption!

CTL has teamed up with Intel to offer Small Business Advantage enabled systems that can be configured with the following features: After Hours Maintenance, Software Monitor, Data Backup and Restore, Energy Saver, Intel Wireless Display, Turbo Boost Technology, and USB Blocker.

After Hours Maintenance automatically runs software updates and maintenance tasks after hours, even if the computer is turned off. The PC will receive daily check ups and power itself on to update software, defrag disk drives and delete cookies and temporary internet files. Once these operations have been completed, the PC powers itself down and will be ready to go when your employees turn it on the next day. Unfortunately, the large number of viruses and malware out there means that even companies with the bandwidth to monitor can’t catch them all. When you have a PC with Intel Small Business Advantage, built in monitors constantly check for security breaches and eliminate them upon detection. In addition, USB Blocker offers additional protection by restricting viruses from getting in and unauthorized data transfers from going out to certain classes of USB devices. A password-protected configuration allows you to control your input and output to protect your critical and confidential information.

Data Backup and Restore is an automated reliable system to protect your information. By scheduling backups to take place after hours, you’ll save your employees hours each time it runs by not interrupting their workday. And, in the event you may have to recover data, the process is easy and straightforward.

To maximize performance when running demanding applications Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 offers an automatic burst of speed, while Energy Saver will power down your PCs after hours and automatically turn them on at the start of the workday. If you need to collaborate wirelessly, Intel Wireless Display can stream presentations, videos, websites and more from your PC to your display.

At CTL, we understand that small business owners can always use more time. Intel Core Processors with Intel Small Business Advantage will save you time on maintaining and securing your PCs. That means more time to run your business. Ask us about our Small Business Advantage enabled systems and how we can create one that is right for you!

CTL will be introducing PCs and Laptops with Small Business Advantage in July. Check back here where we’ll add links to those systems!


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