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Made in the USA is Nothing New at CTL

Assembled in the USAThese days, you might be hearing more about “Made in the USA” practices, especially in the computer and electronics industry, where a vast majority of production occurs in Asia. At CTL, we assemble all of our PCs right here in Portland, Oregon, and we’ve been doing it for over 20 years.

Some companies are declaring their products to be “Made in the USA,” implying that even the parts are U.S. manufactured. This type of marketing creates a grey area that could be misleading to the public. We’ll tell it to you straight. CTL, along with virtually all U.S. Computer companies, get their parts from Asia because that’s the main source for computer and electronics parts. But what sets us apart is that we do all our assembly here in Oregon and this isn’t anything new for us. Keeping our production local is and always has been one of CTL’s core values and foundation as a company.

We feel strongly about the benefits to people and the planet when it comes to keeping our production here at home. We’re not an anonymous front for outsourced labor. Rather, CTL is a company with people you can meet, get to know, and trust. We take pride in our production department and the fact that we’ve always assembled our computers in Portland, Oregon.

Below are the reasons we’ve committed to keeping production right here at home:

Creating Skilled Manufacturing Jobs

• CTL production positions are skilled technical jobs that provide specialized training and career advancement, which contribute to growing a healthy economy.

Ensuring the Highest Quality

• Communications are difficult when doing business offshore, and can cause costly mistakes and compromise quality.

• At CTL, we can easily manage quality control by touring our own production area any time.

Protecting the Planet

• Less energy is required to deliver U.S. made goods to our national market.

• More eco-friendly production is possible here at home where EPA and state environmental policies are in place.

Creating Cost Savings to Pass on to Our Customers

• Shipping containers can cost thousands of dollars, plus inland freight charges and duties.

• There are no duties on goods produced in the U.S.

Streamlining Production and Shipping

• Time zones are disruptive to production schedules. With anywhere up to 14 hours difference, delays of at least one day to get responses to questions are common.

• It could take up to 30 days to ship from overseas, and there can be additional delays with U.S. Customs or Ports of Entry inspections.

• It takes 1-5 days for most U.S. Shipments.

So, call us up anytime at (800) 642-3087, or better yet, if you are in the Portland, Oregon area, stop by and see us sometime at 3460 NW Industrial St. and we’ll gladly give you a tour of our production facilities. In a high-tech industry, it’s easy to forget the personal side of the business, but CTL has always valued people with our local business practices, and we’re not going anywhere.

You can purchase CTL PCs online at www.CTL.net. If you have questions about our products, we’d love to talk to you. Feel free to contact us here.