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Make the Most Out of Google Chrome as an Educator

Google Chrome has a lot to offers its users. If you want to be more productive, have an easier time executing your creative ideas as a teacher and be better organized, there are things you can do to make that happen through the popular web browser. With the right technologies from CTL, you'll have the tools needed to make this school year wildly successful.

Here are five ways that schools can make the most out of Google Chrome:

  1. Make better use of apps. Select applications that streamline tasks and invite productivity into your school day. There are many to choose from that help you do just that. Download and use them. Walk through the tutorials that are provided so you gain a better understanding of their tools and features so you can use them more efficiently.
  2. Connect with other educators. Joining a community of educators online allows you to creatively come up with solutions to problems that occur in K-12 classrooms. It provides you a place to meet with like-minded people who are committed to the growth, development, and success of students. It's a fantastic way to test out ideas and share classroom victories, too.
  3. Visit the Google for Education Training Center. Take advantage of all the resources provided at the Google for Education website. It is located at http://www.edu.google.com. The For Educators section provides lesson units that help you work toward your professional goals while saving time and fostering curiosity and skills in your students. There are also certifications that you can achieve in the process.
  4. Read Case Studies. Find out what other educators are doing with Google products so that you're inspired to continue pushing to find out what you're capable of achieving. There are case studies throughout the Google for Education website for you to pay attention to. Find ones that are relevant and expand your horizons. You are  capable of changing the world one student at a time!
  5. Learn more through the Transformation Center. Created with schools in mind, the Google for Education Transformation Center has resources to lead your schools toward a vision of change. Leaders in the field of education share their success stories in the truly transformative space. There are also templates, guides, ideas, and best practices for you to choose from and utilize as you see fit. If you need extra inspiration in making your school innovative and successful, you'll find plenty of motivational tools in this section of the Google for Education website.

A Google Chrome-enabled CTL Chromebook or Chromebox has its benefits. From rugged durability to lightning fast processing speeds, you've got options. Make your K-12 classroom a virtual wonderland for learning this year by investing in the best technologies offered by our company. If you're having a difficult time determining which are the most ideal for your students, let us know. We'll help you narrow down your choices until you find the Chromebooks, Chromeboxes and monitors that best benefit your classroom.

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