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Mobility Meets High Performance: CTL Vector 9150T and 9170T Notebooks

Are you looking for a true performance laptop for graphic-intensive work or play?  CTL recently launched the Vector 9150T and Vector 9170T notebooks based on the 3rd generation Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7 processors and the fastest notebook graphics cards offered by Nvidia and AMD.  I’ll get to all the specs later, but first I want to talk about why these are such powerful and productive notebooks.


These notebooks sport the latest processor technology from Intel.  The Ivy Bridge platform has been developed to improve the mobile and desktop performance and responsiveness.  The i7 quad core processor can tackle any task.  On-chip graphic performance has improved significantly compared to previous generations.  The processor manages power better enabling improved battery life.  Ivy Bridge platforms now support up to three monitors, and resuming from sleep or hibernation is significantly faster—typically only taking a few seconds.

Dedicated Switchable Graphics Cards

Both the Vector notebooks are configured with discrete Nvidia or AMD graphics cards.  These high performance cards allow users to push through graphic-intense media, programs, and games.  Currently CTL is qualifying Nvidia Quadro series cards to enable true workstation performance in the CAD/CAM/3D Graphics fields.  Also included with this graphics technology is the ability to switch back to the on-chip graphics when the performance isn’t needed, thus increasing battery life.

Screens and Resolution

Typical notebooks you see advertised run at a much lower resolution or lower definition.  What does this mean?  It means you have less desktop space and less application space to work on.  The current resolution standard for low-end notebooks is 1366×768 while both Vector machines are 1920×1080.  There are many acronyms for screens on the market, HD, QHD, 1080p, etc.  As a consumer, always verify the number of pixels. Laptop screens can’t be upgraded later like RAM or hard drives.

The LCD screen options also include 90% or 95% NTSC Color Gamut for those that need accurate color reproduction, such as graphic designers or film editors.  To prevent screen glare, the Vector 9150T has the added option for a matte screen for those who work in brightly lit areas or outdoors.

Specifications and Pricing

The best way to see all the specs are to visit the Vector 9150T and 9170T product pages.  They have everything you’d expect and more in a high powered notebook.  Quad core i7 processors, Nvidia 680M or AMD Radeon 7970M graphics cards, up to 32GB of RAM, multiple hard drive support, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, USB 3.0 to name a few technologies. The current base prices starts out at $1462 for the Vector 9150T and $1520 for the Vector 9170T.