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Rugged EG20PA Joins the CTL Laptop Line-up of Convertible 2-in-1 Tablets

The newest product to the CTL line up is the EG20PA Rugged Windows Convertible 2-in-1 Tablet. On the inside, his powerful machine boasts the Intel Celeron N3350 processor, 4GB RAM, and runs Microsoft’s sleek improved Windows 10. On the outside, the unit has a ruggedized lightweight exterior with a 180-degree rotatable camera and most important sturdy 360-degree hinges allowing the laptop to be rotated to tablet mode. The laptop also has a retractable carry handle to help avoid potential accidental drops.


Touchscreen with Stylus for Fast Note Taking

Touchscreens are almost expected on any newer device, and the EG20PA doesn’t disappoint with an 11.6” 1366x768 capacitive multi-touch screen. With the included stow away stylus, taking notes or annotating docs or images on the touch-screen is quicker and better than ever.


Battery Life for All Day Use

The CTL EG20PA has an impressive battery life lasting a full day of school or work on one charge. The serviceable battery is a dream for saving time and money for IT departments, as replacements are easily purchased through CTL and installed on site.

Why Windows 10?

Windows 10 boots up at impressive speeds, much faster than the other Windows counterparts, perfect for on the go use and ready when you need it. Whether the EG20PA is being used in the classroom, office, or for field-work, you won’t find yourself missing anything waiting for the machine to boot-up.

The new Windows 10 also is more secure than previous versions of Windows, even impressing hackers at the 2016 Black Hat conference. Windows Defender Application Guard has been added to this version of Windows to safeguard the Edge Browser. Built-in antimalware tools show that Microsoft has worked hard to catch malicious script-based attacks, making Windows 10 more secure than ever before.

Windows 10 also runs Cortana voice command to allow you to easily carry out complex search requests and help users navigate their desktops. Cortana can even help users locate files and documents with just a simple verbal request like, “Hey Cortana, find ‘book report on Alexander Hamilton’”. It doesn’t hurt that Cortana’s start in the gaming industry has helped to make her language patterns more natural and quick-witted.

Still need more?

With all that is included in this powerful yet affordable machine, it’s hard to imagine you’d need anything else. However, at CTL we always like to give you options to make the best even better with add-ons like Full-Color Logo Printing, SSD or larger HD options, Bulk Pack Shipping, “Buy and Try” discounted prices, Store and Charge Carts, Educational apps, Microsoft Office 2016 home and professional software packages, and extended warranty offers.

To learn more about the newest CTL laptop visit the EG20PA product page. For special pricing for education and enterprise customers, contact a CTL sales rep today


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