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Touchscreen Chromebooks: We’ve got the touch

Looking for Touchscreen Technology? CTL has the Chromebook for you!

In 1949, Maria Montessori stated in her book, The Absorbent Mind, “The hands are the instruments of man’s intelligence.” Almost 70 years later, “the hands” still play one of the most important roles in the way we interact with the world, and now with touchscreen technology.

It’s almost expected today that screens are touch-sensitive. If you’ve ever seen school-aged children around a standard or laptop monitor screen, chances are that they will reach out and touch the screen. They’ve grown up with touchscreen technology almost expecting it as a part of the digital native experience. CTL understands this need for innovative ways to interact with technology, which is why we carry a variety of touchscreen and convertible Chromebooks.

Here is a rundown of our most popular and best-selling touchscreen Chromebooks, all outfitted with capacitive ten point touchscreens and IPS panels for clearer viewing angles:

CTL Rugged J5 Convertible Chromebook 

The J5 Chromebook, awarded as one of the best Chromebooks of 2017, is one of our top selling units. This convertible unit has 360 degree hinges allowing it to be used in laptop mode, display mode, or tablet mode. The versatility and durability of this rugged Chromebook ensures that no matter which display mode the user chooses, the rotating capacitive touchscreen displays and responds correctly.

CTL J5X Chromebook: Extra-Rugged Chromebook for Education

The J5X Chromebook houses all the great features as the J5 with the addition of the X-panel, a bonded top panel which is designed to withstand up to 365 lbs. of pressure to the top of the unit. The X-Panel also can be used as a whiteboard for doodling, taking notes, or as a presentation aid. This unit can also be rotated 360 degrees allowing for use in laptop mode, display mode, or tablet mode. All combined, this is a great option for “on the go” and educational uses where durability is of the utmost importance, but technical capabilities are not hindered.

CTL Touchscreen NL61T Education Chromebook

The NL61T Chromebook is another great option for touchscreen. The 180 degree hinges allow for this Chromebook to lie flat. The user is able to use the water resistant trackpad and keyboard or choose to use the touchscreen option for selection. The 180-degree rotating camera with its optional microscope lens allows for special educational uses from science to videography. Another great feature of the NL61T Chromebook is the super long battery life, lasting up to 12.5 hours. This means it lasts more than a full work day or school day!

CTL NL61TX Extra Rugged Education Chromebook

Like the NL61T, the NL61TX Chromebook features a 180-degree hinge and a rotating camera. This unit also features the extra rugged X-Panel, which allows for the top cover of the unit to be used as a whiteboard for doodling, personalizing, taking notes, or as an aid during presentations. This X-Panel also ensures that the unit is ultra-rugged, withstanding up to 365 lbs. of pressure to the top of the unit. And in addition, when dropped on the corners, the unit is protected from damage.

Extra Rugged Touchscreen Chromebooks Stand Up and Stand Out

The Touchscreens offered by CTL go beyond touchscreen capabilities to offer versatility and durability that stands up and stands out to daily use. Visit the TouchScreen product page to learn more about our touchscreen Chromebook options!


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