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Why Our Rugged Chromebooks are Built to Last

Our products are built to handle the rigors of life in the classroom.

Here’s how we build our Chromebooks to last:

  • Extra Rugged Covers. The CTL J41X Extra-Rugged Convertible Chromebook for Education includes a protective cover (the x-panel) that allows the device to withstand up to 365 pounds of crushing force. The x-panel also doubles as a whiteboard. It also comes with a one-year accidental damage warranty, providing additional peace of mind.
  • Strong Hinges. CTL Chromebooks such as the NL7T have a screen that rotates 360 degrees to enable a versatile workspace. The swiveling capability not only allows the device to convert to a touch screen tablet, it can help students showcase presentations or work through problems when the device is used in tent mode.
  • Longer Battery Life. How long the device stays powered up when not plugged in makes a difference especially in a classroom setting where it may be moved around often. Many of our Chromebooks have a battery life of up to 10 hours, surpassing the average school day. They can be charged quickly via USB-C, so that they’re ready for use the next day.
  • Drop tested. CTL Chromebooks are drop tested to 70cm (the height of a desk) to ensure that they can withstand the rigors of the classroom
  • Water resistant. Many models of CTL Chromebooks have water resistant keyboards and touchpads to ensure that a spilled glass of water doesn’t spell disaster.
  • Integrated carry handle and textured easy-grip surface. The carry handles and textured surface on the CTL NL7 series including the NL7, NL7T and NL7TW make it easier for students to carry their Chromebooks between classes without drops.
  • Gorilla Glass. CTL Chromebooks such as the NL7T and NL7TW have tough Gorilla Glass touchscreens  that can take abuse without scratching or breaking.

CTL has built a reputation of building rugged products with powerful processors and long battery life. Our products have won awards for transforming the learning environment in K-12 classrooms around the globe.

Rugged Chromebooks such as the J41X are a sound investment that pay dividends  year-after-year. Durable Chromebooks save schools money, allowing schools to focus on teaching and learning rather than fixing broken devices.


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