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Windows 8 Brings Added Security and Productivity to Medical Offices

Windows 8Now that Windows 8 has launched, your medical office may be considering an upgrade. CTL has rolled out several new PCs that come with windows 8 – The AIO XA770T (touch), XA770, and XA780T (touch), XA780, Meridian EC15, Meridian EM15, Meridian XW201, and the W130EV and W25CEV Business Class Notebooks. Healthcare IT Departments are looking forward to several benefits of Windows 8 including better security, and a new quality of PCs built to run this new OS with the ability to improve communication, collaboration and productivity. If your medical office is upgrading to Windows 8, you’ll gain access to more than 10,000 apps in the Windows Store, and these include several that are geared towards health. Below is a list of just a few health apps for Windows 8 that can be useful to doctors, patients and researchers:


Apps for Medical Professionals:

Patient Registration – This new app allows patients the capability to check in via a Windows 8 Touch Screen PC that functions as a self-service kiosk. Patients can confirm their appointment and update their demographic information, as well as set up a follow up appointment.

Rounds – Still in prototype mode, this app is designed to streamline workflow in hospitals as healthcare professionals communicate with their care teams. Clinicians can click on a grid of patients, view data from Electronic Health Records, and hold a video conference with a specialist. Click here to see the demo video.

NextDocs Trial Exchange – NextDocs Trial Exchange allows clinical trial investigators to access and contribute documents to a Clinical Trial Master File (TMF). Using Windows 8’s Live Tiles feature, physicians and investigators receive quick updates on the status of trials. Users can also share clinical trial information securely within the app.

Up to Date – A clinical reference app that allows doctors to research answers to clinical questions. Great for instant access to current, synthesized clinical information including evidence-based recommendations. This app is free to download, however, an individual subscription is required to log in and use it.

PrimeMobile – Greenway Technologies’ PrimeMobile allows physicians to view patient data from the company’s electronic health record (EHR) platforms. Doctors can view problem lists, progress notes, lab results and appointment schedules. The app also offers billing functionality and a patient demographics search feature.

TouchMol – A $4.99 app from bio- and cheminformatics software developer Scilligence, TouchMol allows chemists to draw, share and search chemical and biological structures. Users can use touch-screen capabilities to draw structures with their fingers.


Apps for Patients:

CDC – This free application from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers health articles, automatic updates about medical issues and images from CDC’s Public Health Image library. A “Did You Know” feature keeps the public informed about the prevention of illnesses.

Digital Health Scorecard – The free Digital Health Scorecard app from Johnson & Johnson helps you understand your likelihood of developing common chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart or respiratory diseases, or cancer. You get an overall health score, like a credit rating, for your health and wellness and you can calculate your body mass index, learn about healthy ranges for blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.

Endomondo – This free app combines personal fitness with social media by allowing users to challenge their friends to meet exercise goals. Endomondo lets consumers track their exercise routes, distance, duration, running speed and calorie consumption. Users can monitor their own results as well as those of friends.

Medicine Cabinet – The Free NextGen Medicine Cabinet app helps patients manage their medications by keeping an up-to-date list of active medications, when to take them and how much of a dosage to take. It also monitors when medications are taken or missed.

PatientLive – This application from ePharmaSolutions allows people to search for medications or treatments for their conditions. The free app is exclusively available on Windows 8 and integrates with HealthVault. Patients get updates when new medical therapies become available.

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