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Chromebook Chargers & Cases
CTL Chromebook J2/J4/J4+ AC Adapter
Product Code: NBACJ2J4 This is the AC Adapter for the CTL J2, J4 and J4+ Chromebook models. Standard US 3 Prong 1' power cord is included with purchase of the adapter.
Tx1 USB-C AC Adapter
Product Code: NBACTX1 USB-C AC Adapter for CTL Chromebook Tablet - US
CBX1-7 Core i7 AC Adapter(90 watt)- for CTL Chromebox CBX1-7 and CBX1-7H(for hangouts meet)
Product Code: NBACCBX1-7 AC Adapter for the CTL Chromebox CBX1-7 Core i7 with US Power Cord.  The AC power adapter can be purchased for use with other countries.  However, a localized 3 prong power cord will need to be used.  Compliance for: US/FC...
CBX1-C AC Adapter
Product Code: NBACCBX AC Adapter for the CTL Chromebox CBX1 with US Power Cord  
Side Mounting Plate for Chromebox
Product Code:NB00254 The Side Mounting Plate for all our Chromeboxes