Chromebook Laptop Rental Program

Equip students and teachers with top-tier tech now. Save money and reduce service management.

Deliver Updated Tech, Hassle-Free

CTL’s Chromebook laptop rental program enables you to reduce the overall total cost of ownership, deliver today’s technology, better manage your Chromebooks, and ease the burden on your IT personnel.

As one of the world's largest Chromebook manufacturers, CTL is your single-source partner to deliver unprecedented computing power for student and workforce users. Get your rental program underway immediately with the powerful combination of rugged devices and industry-leading service...only from CTL.

Predictable Cash Flow

  • Predictable, affordable monthly
    payments over a planned
    period of time
  • Eliminate large upfront
  • Payments do not start until
    devices are delivered

Lower Costs

  • Parts and labor coverage
    including accidental damage
    and 2-way return shipping
  • Reduce day-to-day maintenance
  • Lower cost of ownership

Lifecycle Management

  • Accelerate technology refreshes
  • Transition seamlessly to new hardware
  • Device takeback for refurbishment or environmentally-friendly recycling

More Flexibility

  • Quickly scale up
  • Not stuck with obsolete hardware
  • Cancel program at any time*

Enhanced IT Productivity

  • Fewer IT hours spent on repairs
  • Reduce burden on IT resources
  • Ease transition from old to new

Better User Experience

  • Deliver the latest technology
  • Broad selection of devices catered
    to school’s requirements
  • Less downtime due to repairs
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Case Study

Success with Chromebook Rentals

CTL recently collaborated with Intel and Aurora Public Schools in Colorado on an innovative device rental program.

Upon implementation, they discovered that the program delivered newer technology, saved time on maintenance, and overall reduced the IT burden.

Chromebook Laptop Rental Program Details

Why Chromebook Laptop Rentals?

In today’s world, schools rely more than ever on Chromebooks. But 1:1 Chromebook deployments can be challenging to sustain. Managing support costs, accidental damage, and device refresh budget cycles can be time-consuming. That’s why forward-thinking organizations have turned to CTL's Chromebook laptop rental program, called ChromeOS as a Service (CaaS), as a solution to building sustainable and successful long-term 1:1 programs.

CaaS gives you access to the latest Chromebook technology without the need to continually buy new hardware or fix broken devices. CaaS helps make 1:1 programs more sustainable by building lifecycle budgeting and technology management into a format that is easy for schools, parents, and community stakeholders. With CaaS, maintain your Chromebook fleets with the latest technology, lower support costs, and a predictable refresh budget.

But what makes CaaS such a great solution for IT managers? Benefits include:

Turnkey 1:1 Client Infrastructure

CTL's CaaS device rental program bundles a Chromebook laptop with a Google Education Upgrade license, enhanced white glove provisioning, and a CTL accidental damage warranty for three months to two years. At the end of the rental term extend the agreement or return devices to CTL and start a new term with new devices. Should students damage devices, CTL's accidental damage warranty ensures that they are quickly repaired. Additionally, your program can include a pool of spare Chromebooks as hot-swap units so that learning doesn't have to stop.

Cost Savings

CaaS saves you money by delivering the best Chromebook technology at an affordable price. With CaaS, pay for just the hardware and services you need and don’t worry about purchasing hardware outright. Allocate your funds towards other school operations instead of investing in depreciating hardware.

Flexible Payment Options

CaaS offers flexible payment options. Instead of paying up front for Chromebooks, choose from convenient payment plans, including monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions. You can keep costs low while maintaining access to high-quality Chromebook laptops or other ChromeOS devices and services.

Improved Scalability

With CaaS, easily scale your program size should you need to, without purchasing additional hardware.

Easy Maintenance & Repair Services

Easily manage maintenance and repairs with CTL's Chromebook laptop rental program. Integrated repair and maintenance services are included with your subscription plan.

Sustainable Device Lifecycle Management

With CaaS, ensure your Chromebook fleet is always supported and delivers the most modern technology for the processing needs of today. Renting Chromebooks provides excellent visibility into future costs for sustaining a 1:1 Chromebook program. Up your environmental sustainability with CaaS, which includes takeback and recycling at the end of your program.

Cost savings. Flexible payment plans. Improved scalability. Easy maintenance. Get it all with CTL and focus on delivering the 1:1 Chromebook laptop program that drives better long-term learning outcomes.

*Promotional offer: $9.99/mo for a 36 month term. Offer available to qualified customers while supplies last. Offer subject to approval. Terms and conditions apply.

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