Refurbished Chromebooks: Six Ways to Use Them in Schools

Refurbished Chromebooks: Six Ways to Use Them in Schools

Technology plays a crucial role in modern education, but equipping a school with new devices can be a significant financial strain. That's where refurbished Chromebooks come in. These devices, meticulously restored to function like new ones, offer incredible value and open doors to a range of educational applications.

After a quick survey of some of CTL's customer use cases, here are six ideas for how refurbished Chromebooks can be the new heroes of your school's tech arsenal:

  1. Budget Champions:
Tight budget? No problem! Refurbished Chromebooks offer significant cost savings compared to new models, allowing you to equip more students or address technology needs without breaking the bank. This frees up resources for other educational initiatives. Google automatic updates last for 10 years, so chances are a “newly used” device will offer years of supported service just like newer models.
    1. Loaner Lifesavers:
    Accidents happen. A dropped Chromebook here, a spilled juice there – having a stock of refurbished Chromebooks ensures students don't miss out on learning while their primary device gets repaired.
      1. Supporting Transient Students:
      For students experiencing housing insecurity or sporadic attendance, a refurbished Chromebook becomes a vital tool for staying connected to their education. They can access online resources, assignments, and communication tools, minimizing any disruptions to their learning journey.
        1. Test-Taking Powerhouses:
        Standardized testing often requires dedicated devices. Refurbished Chromebooks, with their clean installs and secure configurations, are perfect for creating a controlled testing environment. Their affordability allows you to maintain a pool of dedicated testing devices without a hefty price tag.
          1. Library Learning Hubs:
          Libraries are evolving into vibrant learning spaces. Refurbished Chromebooks provide students with access to e-books, online research materials, and educational applications, empowering independent learning and research within the library.
            1. Spare Parts Saviors:
            Let's face it, technology ages. While some refurbished Chromebooks can become primary devices, others might be designated for spare parts. These can be a valuable resource for repairs, extending the lifespan of your existing Chromebook fleet. This minimizes device waste and keeps your tech budget in check.

              Bonus Ideas:

              • Guest Devices: Keep a few refurbished Chromebooks on hand for guest speakers, visiting faculty, or volunteers who may need a temporary device.
              • Extracurricular Activities: Use refurbished Chromebooks for managing club activities, creating presentations for school events, or running online collaborations for activities like debate, DECA, or model UN.

              Remember, a "refurbished" label doesn't mean a compromised device. It signifies a chance to empower your school's tech landscape and unlock new possibilities for student success – all within budget. To understand what you should look for in selecting a refurbished Chromebook, read our article here.

              Overall, embracing refurbished Chromebooks gives schools a powerful and cost-effective way to enhance learning experiences for all students. Selecting certified refurbished Chromebooks can help fill gaps, stretch tight budgets, and ensure “like new” performance for use cases where budget is important.

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