Chromebook Cases For Students

Chromebook Cases For Students

Students today often use Chromebooks in the classroom and on their way to and from school. To protect their investment, schools should consider buying Chromebook cases for students that fit the specific make/model of each Chromebook. Hard shell cases provide an extra layer of cushioning against shocks, dents, and scratches, while protective cases offer protection as well as versatility. Size-specific hard shell cases are also available, allowing students to get a perfect fit for all sizes of Chromebooks. There are also snap-on cases designed to be easy to take on and off when needed. With various options offered, it is easy to find the perfect case for each student's individual needs.


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Chromebook Cases For Students

Chromebook Cases For Students

As we march forward, the shift to increased use of technology and electronic devices in schools is all but inevitable. With the increase in remote education during the recent global pandemic, schools quickly pivoted to provide Chromebooks to students so that they could continue their education remotely.

The advantages of making the switch from paper and pencil learning to tablets and laptops are too numerous to ignore, and many schools have opted to continue issuing Chromebooks to students now that in-person learning has resumed. This is certainly good news for students, and for their instructors. That being said, with students back in the classroom, there are some logistical challenges to consider as they travel to and from school with their new Chromebooks. Fortunately, the industry has responded with a wide array of Chromebook cases for students, designed to withstand the rigors of the classroom, school hallways, and whatever else young learners can find to throw at it.

In this article, we will dive deeper to explore the best Chromebook cases for students, from size-specific cases like Chromebook case 12 inch, and Chromebook case 13-inch, to Chromebook cases designed for specific brands. We will also cover alternative styles like the Chromebook snap-on case. Providing each student with their own Chromebook case to protect their school-issued Chromebook is a wise choice to protect your investment and ensure students are able to keep up with their studies with minimal downtime due to smashed, cracked, or damaged Chromebooks. Let’s explore the best Chromebook cases for students.

Chromebook Hard Cases For Students 

Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time around youngsters will tell you that accidents are a part of the equation. Chromebook hard cases for students are one of the top options for providing much-needed protection for your school-issued Chromebooks. Most schools and other learning institutions considering providing Chromebooks to their student body will need to also plan to protect their investment with Chromebook cases for students. 

A Chromebook hard shell case is designed to fit over the top of the Chromebook’s original hard shell and acts as a second outer protective layer that helps to cushion the Chromebook from shocks, dents, scratches, and other damage. Because Chromebook hard cases fit securely on top of the existing Chromebook case it is crucial that you order the correct Chromebook hard  shell case for your exact make and model of Chromebook. For example, an HP Chromebook hard shell case will not fit Acer, or Lenovo Chromebook, and vice versa. Fortunately, with the wide range of available options on the market, you can easily find the exact Acer Chromebook hard shell case, Samsung Chromebook protective case, HP Chromebook protective case, or any other Chromebook hard shell case that you need. Chromebook Protective Case When searching for the perfect Chromebook cases for students, versatility is a must. Different students are going to have vastly different needs. While younger primary school-age students will likely need the added strength, and durability offered by a Chromebook hard shell case, older students are likely to need a Chromebook case with more options. A Chromebook protective case offers the best of both worlds by providing both protection and versatility. Chromebook protective cases may be hard shell cases designed to fit a specific make and model Chromebook. As discussed above these Chromebook hard cases are designed to fit

precisely so Acer Chromebook owners will need to search for an Acer Chromebook protective case while Lenovo Chromebook users will be looking for a Lenovo Chromebook protective case. Whether you need a Dell Chromebook protective case, an HP Chromebook protective case, or a larger, universal Chromebook protective case you will find a wide array of options to fit the needs of your unique student body.

Shoppers can also find a selection of Chromebook protective cases with semi-rigid or soft sides with protective outer shells made of durable fabric, water-proof neoprene, or rugged leather. These larger Chromebook protective cases can be small sleeves designed to fit specific makes and models of Chromebook, or they may be larger carrying cases similar to a laptop bag that allows students to slide their Chromebook inside for safekeeping. These Chromebook protective cases are often the perfect choice for older students as they offer the ability to safely store the student’s laptop, along with any needed accessories, and many even come with USB and charging ports that allow the Chromebook to be plugged in for charging, or accessories to be attached to the Chromebook while it remains safe and secure inside the protective case. Chromebook Cases For Schools Amazon Purchasing Chromebook cases for students doesn’t have to be a massive expense. There are a large number of retailers and wholesale “big box” stores offering awesome Chromebook case deals. Amazon is well known for its amazing prices and massive selection making it a great choice for those seeking cheap Chromebook cases for schools. Amazon offers deals on high-quality Chromebook cases designed to fit specific makes and models of Chromebooks so Asus Chromebook owners are able to find the perfect Asus Chromebook case to fit their exact model, while HP Chromebook users can just as easily locate the right HP Chromebook case for their device. 

Amazon’s comprehensive search filters allow shoppers to find the perfect Chromebook by narrowing their search by color, style, Chromebook manufacturer, and model, or filter by size to find the right Chromebook case 14 inch, 12 inch, or 11.6 inch for your specific Chromebook. Of course, if you would prefer to browse the massive selection of Chromebook cases for students Amazon offers a browse search function that will allow you to sort by the general style that you are looking for. Try searching for “Chromebook cases cute” and instantly see a selection of Chromebook cases for students in an array of adorable and trendy colors and patterns that your child will love. Looking for something a bit edgier, or a classic, professional look? Just enter your preferences in the Amazon search bar and choose from the pages of results. Walmart is another top retailer of low-cost quality goods. You can find plenty of Chromebook cases for students both in stores and available for order on the Walmart website. Check out the Walmart Chromebook case with strap for a practical student Chromebook case that features an attached strap to make it easier and safer for your student to transport their Chromebook back and forth between home and school. Like Amazon, Walmart also offers a wide range of Chromebook cases for students designed to fit specific Chromebook makes, models, and sizes.

While the selection in brick-and-mortar Walmart stores may be somewhat limited, shoppers can visit the Walmart website to find a wide selection of Chromebook cases for most popular Chromebook makes, models, and sizes. The Walmart website also offers Chromebook hard shell cases, snap-on cases, and larger soft-sided, and semi-rigid sided, nylon, neoprene, and leather Chromebook cases and sleeves.

Chromebook Cases For Schools 

Bulk Schools and other organizations seeking to provide Chromebooks for every student should consider Chromebook cases for schools bulk purchase options. Chromebook cases bulk shopping wholesalers and retailers offer a wide selection of cases at affordable prices that can be purchased in large quantities to help schools and organizations protect their valuable investment in student learning.

Organizations can find budget friendly Chromebook hard shell cases for the ultimate protection, or opt to provide a Chromebook case with strap for every student to make transporting Chromebook cases to and from school and on the school bus easier and safer for students. Soft-side and semi-rigid sided cases in durable nylon fabrics, waterproof neoprene, and rugged leathers are available for bulk purchases for older students as well. These larger, bag, satchel, or briefcase style cases offer a roomy interior with plenty of pockets where students can store accessories, and schoolwork. Many of the larger Chromebook cases even provide useful ports that allow students to plug in USB accessories or charge their Chromebooks without needing to remove the device from the bag.

Chromebook sleeves are also available for an even more economical option. Schools and organizations buying bulk Chromebook cases to protect their student issued Chromebooks do not need to restrict their options to only the most generic of Chromebook case options.

Custom Chromebook cases are widely available allowing schools and other  organizations to provide students with custom Chromebook cases emblazoned with the school or organization name, logo, mascot, or motto, or printed in the school colors. Custom Chromebook cases can serve a practical purpose as well. Custom Chromebook cases can be ordered with individual classroom numbers, or school grades to help schools and organizations sort, distribute, and track the Chromebooks provided to different age and grade student population groups. 

Final Thoughts 

The decision to purchase and distribute Chromebooks to an entire student body is a significant and worthwhile investment in student learning. Chromebook cases for students help schools and organizations protect their investment, and help ensure that students always have the equipment they need so that they can focus on their studies. Is your school or organization ready to start shopping for Chromebooks and Chromebook cases for students? Reach out to us today, we are here to help!

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