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2go NL3Pro Business Class Convertible Tablet Featuring N-Trig Duo-Sense Technology!

2go NL3 Pro Tablet featuring N-Trig DuoSenseProfessionals looking for a powerful, ruggedized, lightweight convertible tablet no longer have to carry a student model 2goNL3 Convertible Classmate into the boardroom. Now, you’ve got your own grown-up version of this same computer made especially for business professionals. Just like the Convertible Classmate NL3, CTL’s 2go NL3 Pro features up to 10 hours of battery life, “Rapid Start” technology, Intel Wireless display and PC Synch, and a newly reinforced ruggedized design.

However, one of the exciting new features exclusive to the NL3 Pro is N-Trig DuoSense technology, which is one of the latest pen and capacitive multi-touch platforms that makes on-screen digital input more efficient than ever before. Now productivity on the move can be fast, fluid and accurate. Here are some of the benefits of N-Trig DuoSense technology:

• Tracks both pen and multi-touch input on a single digitizer

• Differentiates between intentional and inadvertent contact, and allows the user to switch easily and seamlessly between pen and multi-touch

• Superior pen performance and reliability – eliminates accidental drops or skips and features sub-pixel touch accuracy

• Touch and pen accuracy of 0.4mm

• Fast response time and consistent performance for writing, drag-and-drop, scrolling and selecting – without degrading stylus input.

The DuoSense digitizer facilitates maximum performance and productivity with palm rejection capabilities and a rapid stylus refresh rate. And, N-trig has announced that it will fully support the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. So, if you purchase your NL3 Pro now with Windows 7, and take advantage of CTL’s $14.99 Windows 8 upgrade, you can rest assured that your N-trig DuoSense functions will not be disrupted.

Today’s workplace is no longer stationary. Professionals are expected to have more flexibility than ever in how and where they work. The 2go NL3 Pro with N-Trig DuoSense technology makes working in transit, and from multiple remote locations not only possible but enjoyable and functional! Finally there’sa lightweight convertible tablet that is powerful enough to run all your business software with plenty of file storage, that goes online when and where you need it to and that allows you to quickly and accurately take notes on the go…the 2go NL3 Pro!


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