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Protect your Students and Efficiently Manage Large Chromebook Deployments with GoGuardian

Protect your Students and Efficiently Manage Large Chromebook Deployments with GoGuardian

CTL has partnered with GoGuardian to help protect your students from harmful online content and behavior. The easy and fast deployment of GoGuardian's Admin 2.0 and Beacon products will keep your total IT cost of ownership low, and your students safe.

Explore the Internet Safely

All too often, website filtering simply means whitelisting or blacklisting certain URLs. Considering the Internet grows at a speed of 500 new websites every minute, this approach is both ineffective and a drain on your IT resources.

GoGuardian's Admin 2.0 allows your students to explore the Internet while also being protected from harmful content. Through Smart Filtering™, it continuously scans the browser and uses a proprietary neural network to understand the context within the browser. 

This means your students are protected against explicit browsing inside approved educational sites, such as Google Docs. Additionally, you can set up different filter policies depending on time of day, OU, whether a Chromebook is on- or off-campus, or any other variable you choose.

Smart Alerts™ is GoGuardian's AI-based system that allows you to trigger an action based on unwanted activity. You can decide to block inappropriate content in real-time, or warn the student by sending a message. All of this is based on content, not on a URL. This means it works on dynamic websites, such as Twitter, Google Docs, and Facebook chat.

The Admin 2.0 dashboard gives a clear overview of all your Chromebooks, displaying top sites and top videos. You can filter by time or by OU, and you can receive individual reports by searching for an @-name, video, or student name.

Integrating Admin 2.0 into your existing IT infrastructure is easy. Admin 2.0 is a Chrome extension that can be deployed through the Google Admin console within five minutes. Your OUs can be directly imported from the Google console as well.

If a student loses his or her Chromebook, theft recovery allows you to see the device's serial number, the last user to log into it, a map of the location, and screenshots of usage. Tracking a lost device can be done in a few clicks through the serial number.

Prevent Suicide

Sources indicate suicide is the second leading cause of death for people aged 10-24. All too often, suicidal behavior falls under the radar. GoGuardian Beacon is a suicide and self-harm prevention tool that allows you to proactively identify at-risk students and get them the help they need. 

It monitors the online behavior of your students in real-time and provides you with a single workflow that informs all the relevant parties at the right time. When an alert happens outside of school, parents will be notified. Beacon was designed with and for mental health school professionals to improve their workflow.

Protect Your Students with GoGuardian

This post has given you a good overview of the benefits that GoGuardian can bring to the digital environment of your school or school district. CTL can help deploy GoGuardian on CTL Chromebooks or any other Chromebook brand. 

Have any questions or want to know more? Contact us at: https://ctl.net/pages/contact-us.