CTL Chromebook NL72L - B48 LTE

Band 48 CBRS Private LTE Capable, 64 GB Storage, Clamshell Touchscreen

CTL Chromebook NL72L - B48 LTE

CTL Chromebook NL72L - B48 LTE

Band 48 CBRS Private LTE Capable, 64 GB Storage, Clamshell Touchscreen

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The CTL Chromebook NL72-L with Band 48 is here to save the day! No more worrying about depending on Wi-Fi hotspots or running out of power - this Chromebook works wherever you are. Enjoy unbeatable performance, portability and a sleek design with the Jasper Lake processor plus integrated LTE capabilities. Run multiple tabs, chat and stream without compromising quality - now that's freedom!

Have you ever felt limited by a lack of WiFi connection?

Life on the go doesn’t have to slow down. Introducing the CTL Chromebook NL72-L with Band 48– an LTE device that empowers users to power on their workday without relying on traditional WiFi hotspots. With a durable body and secure connection, this Chromebook works whenever, wherever you are! Enjoy unbeatable performance and portability.

The all-new sleek design includes Jasper Lake processor for powerful performance throughout your day combined with integrated LTE capabilities (requires seperate data plan from your carrier or a private LTE network). Take advantage of multiple tabs, video chat, and streaming without sacrificing quality or running out of power!

The ideal LTE Chromebook for your mobile needs.

  • Integrated LTE capabilities mean you don't need Wi-Fi or a hot spot to stay connected - just a separate data plan from your carrier.
  • It's integrated LTE modem is Band 48 / CBRS capable, enabling use on private LTE networks.
  • Amazon AWS Private 5G Qualified Device | Amazon Partner Network listed
  • With an Intel processor, 4GB of memory, and 64GB of storage, the Chromebook has plenty of power.
  • The 180-degree lay-flat hinge makes it less prone to breaks.
  • Wi-Fi 6 ensures lightning fast internet connection even with multiple devices connected to the same access point.
  • Its unique 360-degree rotating camera enables more creative video recording and collaboration.
  • Includes a built-in carry handle that makes it easier to carry.
  • USB-C power delivery ports on both sides make data transfer efficient and allow flexible charging options.
  • Enjoy years of Google support until June 2030 with this Chromebook's AUE.

Check out the amazing capabilities offered by the CTL Chromebook NL72-L today!


FM 101 Specifications:







Carrier Aggregation





7A+7A/12A, 12A+30A/66A

13A+46A/66A, 14A+30A/66A, 29A+30A





CTL Chromebook NL72L - B48 LTE Awards and Recognition

Step up your productivity with the Chromebook NL72-L; an award-winning device that's earned its place as a Tech & Learning: ISTE 2022 Best of Show Winner. This reliable and durable tech masterpiece is ready to take you beyond new horizons!

  • Tech and Learning: Best of Show - ISTE 2022
  • Amazon AWS Private 5G Qualified Device
  • Listed in the Amazon Partner Network
  • Climate Positive Order: For Every Online Order of this Model, we'll Plant a Tree
  • Energystar certified product

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CTL Chromebook NL72L - B48 LTE

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