Are you looking for a convenient and reliable way to charge your Chromebooks with USB-C adapters?

Look no further than the revolutionary CTL Magnetic Breakaway USB-C Adapter!

Our innovative design prevents damage to your USB port, saves wear and tear on your AC adapter, and allows for easy plugging and unplugging of cables.
It is equipped with an indicator light, so you know when you are connected properly, and it is CE Certified.

Enjoy a hassle-free charging experience every time!

  • Saves wear and tear on the USB port, avoiding potential costly mainboard repairs. 
  • Saves wear and tear on the AC adapter.
  • Up to 100W of fast charging
  • Up to 40gbps Data Transfer
  • Convenient plugging and unplugging of AC Adapter
  • The indicator light shows connecting and proper AC Adapter function. 
  • CE Certified

Not only does our USB Port Saver benefit individual users, but it's also perfect for use in charging carts. With users constantly plugging and unplugging Chromebooks in carts, mitigate broken USB-C ports and adapters while saving time with this groundbreaking solution.

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CTL Magnetic Breakaway USB-C Adapter

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