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Windows 10 Functions for Healthcare

How Windows 10 Functions for Healthcare can Benefit Your Organization CTL is your source for Windows 10 devices and we’ve got great news for healthcare providers. Windows 10 functions for healthcar...

Cloud Collaboration Software Updates: What’s New in Microsoft Office 2016

Cloud collaboration
Office 2016 Cloud Collaboration Software Package Has Some Exciting New Updates We’ve got great news! As a Microsoft partner, CTL is proud to be your source for Microsoft cloud collaboration softwar...

Science Exploration App Now Available through CTL

LabCam by Intellisense is a Science Exploration App with Seven Tools that Can be Pre-Loaded onto CTL Chromebooks or Windows Devices Educators looking for a cost-effective way to enhance STEM curric...

Cortana and Other Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10

Cortana Digital Assistant and 9 Other Reasons You’ll Love Windows 10 1. CORTANA – Microsoft is bringing its digital assistant Cortana, which so far has only existed on Windows Phones, to Windows 10...

Why Buy CTL? We Let Our Customers Tell You

Why Buy CTL? Our Customers Share Their Experience Why Buy CTL? We could write a blog post explaining why CTL offers such great products, support and service. But rather than asking you to take our ...

Build your Dream Ultra Compact PC with the Gigabyte BRIX Barebones Kit from CTL®

2.5 inch SSD
“With a high-end Core i7 processor and Intel’s Iris Pro graphics, the BRIX Pro is by far the most powerful tiny PC we’ve tested – and there’s room inside for a standard 2.5 inch SSD.”  -Matt Staffo...

Education Customers: Intel® Education Software Stack available with CTL® 2go® Classmate PCs

Our education customers already know that CTL®’s 2go® Classmate PCs are designed for the classroom with their ruggedized features and student-friendly interface. But you might not know that CTL® ca...

Introducing the CTL® VAW70 14’’ Ultra Light Class Notebook

14'' lightweight notebook
A lot of people are trying to lose extra pounds for the New Year by eating right and exercising more. So why not have a PC notebook that helps you to travel lighter, too? Introducing the CTL® VAW70...

Coming Soon – The Small, Versatile and Expandable CTL® Ultratop® K3!

Coming soon from CTL® – the Ultratop® K3! The K3 is housed in In Win’s latest and smallest PC footprint, and it’s versatile enough for corporate settings, education, medical, government, retail or ...

CTL’s Commitment to the Environment: Expanding The Number Of CTL EPEAT Registered Products!

The best way for a company to demonstrate what it stands for is through its actions. Recently, Apple announced it would pull its EPEAT certified products from the registry, which caused a quite a p...

All-in-One PC Form Factors Poised To Hit the Mainstream Thanks to Standardization and Thin Mini iTX

For the past few years, all-in-one PCs (AIOs) have been a fast-growing segment within the desktop PC market. It is estimated that nearly twice as many all-in-one PCs will be sold in 2012 as in 2010...

CTL Corporation Introduces New Environmentally Friendly PC

“We at CTL believe it is important for individuals and organizations to do our part to conserve natural resources,” says Erik Stromquist, CTL Executive Vice President.